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ClassroomHunter College’s 22,000 students are diverse in background and interests but alike in their commitment to their education and their futures. Many go on to graduate or professional schools, and a significant number begin making their mark on the world while they are still students. Even before they receive their diplomas, Hunter students publish poetry and short stories in renowned magazines (and some publish full-scale novels); co-author scientific articles in professional journals; develop and operate social-service facilities; curate and exhibit their work in professionally reviewed art exhibits; and play important roles in civic organizations. They win Fulbright scholarships, Mellon fellowships, National Institutes of Health grants, and other prestigious honors. Most hold jobs and many are parents, but over 70% of the undergraduates attend school full-time. More than half are the first in their family to attend college.

After they graduate, our students soon join the ranks of the world’s most dedicated (and celebrated) artists, authors, educators, government officials, health professionals, researchers, scientists, and social-service professionals. None ever forget Hunter, and many remain active alumni by contributing time, effort, and money to their alma mater.

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