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Departments and Programs

Departments and programs are listed by school. Scroll down through the list, or click on one of the links below to jump directly to a school.


School of Arts & Sciences

Acting Ruth and Harold Newman Dean Andrew Polsky, Room 813 East, 212-772-5121

* All office locations, with the exception of those labeled RH (Roosevelt House), are located on the main campus at 68th Street.
** Classics Department includes Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Latin, Hebrew, Japanese, Russian and Polish.
*** Romance Languages Department includes French, Italian and Spanish.


School of Education

Dean: David Steiner, Room 1000 West, 212-772-4622/4621,


School of Health Professions


Hunter-Bellevue School of Nursing 

Dean: Gail McCain, 503 West, Brookdale Campus, 212-481-7596,


Silberman School of Social Work

Dean: Jacqueline Mondros


School of Urban Public Health

Dean: Ayman A.E. El-Mohandes 


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