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Approved HCR Courses

PD=Pluralism and Diversity
W=Writing Intensive Course
STEM=STEM Variant Courses

(Note: Not all sections of a course are necessarily offered with significant writing. To satisfy the Writing Requirement, you must take a section designated as "W" in the Schedule of Classes.)

A. English Composition (6 credits=2 courses):

ENGL 120 Expository Writing (required)
ENGL 220 Introduction to Writing About Literature (W)
Africana and Puerto Rican/Latino Studies:
AFPRL 238 Introduction to Literature of the African Diaspora (W) (PD/A or B)

B. Math and Quantitative Reasoning (3 or more credits=1 course):

Computer Science:
CSCI 121 Computers & Money: Quantitative Reasoning in Context
ECO 221 Economic Statistics I
Mathematics and Statistics:
MATH 100 Finite Mathematics
MATH 102 Mathematics for Everyday Life
MATH 104 Mathematics for Elementary Education I (STEM)
MATH 125 Precalculus (STEM)
MATH 150 Calculus with Analytic Geometry I (STEM)
MATH 155 Calculus with Analytic Geometry II (STEM)
STAT 113 Elementary Probability and Statistics
STAT 212 Discrete Probability
STAT 213 Introduction to Applied Statistics (STEM)

C. Life and Physical Sciences (3 or more credits=1 course):

ANTHP 101 Human Evolution (STEM)
ANTHP 105 The Human Species
Biological Sciences: 
BIOL 100 Principles of Biology I (PD/C or D)* (STEM)
*PD credit awarded only upon completion of BIOL 100 and 102
BIOL 105 Introduction to Genome Biology
BIOL 125 Human Biology (STEM)
BIOL 150 CSI: HUNTER (Forensic Biology) (STEM)
CHEM 101 Inquiries into the Nature of Matter
CHEM 106 General Chemistry Laboratory (STEM)
CHEM 111 Chemical Principles (STEM)
CHEM 120 Essentials of General Chemistry Lecture** (STEM)
CHEM 121 Essentials of General Chemistry Laboratory** (STEM)
**For CHEM 120 to fulfill the Life and Physical Sciences requirement, it must be taken with CHEM 121.
PGEOG 130 Weather & Climate (STEM)
Physics and Astronomy:
ASTRO 102 Laboratory and Special Topics in Astronomy
PHYS 101 Basic Concepts of Physics with Laboratory Exercises
PHYS 110 General Physics: Introductory Course in Mechanics, Heat, & Sound (STEM)
PHYS 111 General Physics: Introductory Course in Mechanics, Heat, & Sound (STEM)

D. Scientific World (3 or more credits=1 course):

ANTHP 102  Human Variation (STEM)
Biological Sciences:
BIOL 102 Principles of Biology II* (PD/C or D) (STEM)
*PD credit awarded only upon completion of BIOL 100 and 102
CHEM 100 Essentials of General Chemistry Lecture (STEM)
CHEM 102 General Chemistry I (STEM)
CHEM 104 General Chemisty II (STEM)
CHEM 112 Thermodynamics & Solution Chemistry (STEM)
Computer Science:
CSCI 120 Introduction to Computers
CSCI 127 Introduction to Computer Science
CSCI 132 Practical UNIX & Programming
CSCI 133 Programming for Everyone 
ECO 200 Principles of Microeconomics
GEOL 100 Introduction to Geology
GEOL 105 Introduction to Environmental Geosciences
Physics and Astronomy:
ASTRO 100 Basics Concepts of Astronomy
PHYS 100 Basic Concepts of Physics
PHYS 120 General Physics: Introductory Course in Electricity & Magnetism, Light, & Atomic Physics (STEM)
PHYS 121 General Physics: Introductory Course in Electricity & Magnetism, Light & Atomic Physics (STEM)

E. Creative Expression (3 credits=1 course):

Classical and Oriental Studies:
ARB 250 The Arab Novel in Translation (W) (PD/A)
ARB 251 Arab Cinema in Translation (PD/A)
RUSS 253 Russian Theater in English Translation (W) (PD/D)
RUSS 295 The Vampire in Lore & Literature
ENGL 250 Topics in Literature
ENGL 251 Topics in Literature (PD/A)
Film and Media Studies:
FILM 101 Introduction to Cinema (PD/D)
GERM 241 German Fairy Tales in Translation (W) (PD/D)
DAN 102 Dance, Dancer & The Audience
DAN 232 20th Century Dance History (PD/D)
MUSHL 101 Introduction to Music (PD/D)
MUSHL 107 The World of Music (PD/A)
MUSTH 101 Music Theory Fundamentals
HUM 201 Explorations in the Arts
THEA 101 Introduction to Theatre
THEA 211 World Theatre I (PD/D)
THEA 212 World Theatre II (PD/D)
THEA 213 World Theatre III (PD/D)

F. US Experience in its Diversity (3 credits=1 course):

HIST 151 U.S. History from the Colonial Era to the Civil War (W)
HIST 152 The United States from the Civil War Era to the Present (W)
Political Science:
POLSC 110 American Government from a Historical Perspective (W)

G. World Cultures and Global Issues (3 credits=1 course):

Africana and Puerto RIcan/Latino Studies:
AFPRL 182 Culture & Ethnic Identity
AFPRL 201 African History from Human Origins to 1600  CE (PD/A)
AFPRL 202 African History since 1600 CE (PD/A)
AFPRL 209 Introduction to Caribbean History to 1900 (PD/A)
AFPRL 210 Introduction to Caribbean History: 1900-Present
AFPRL 222 African Civilization (PD/A)
AFPRL 243 Puerto Rican Culture (PD/A)
ANTHC 126 Introduction to Prehistoric Archeology
ANTHC 151 Introduction to Linguistics
Classical and Oriental Studies:
ARB 101 Beginning Arabic I
ARB 148 Beginning Arabic for Heritage Speakers
ARB 253 Literature and Culture of Muslim Spain (W) (PD/A)
CHIN 101 Elementary Chinese I 
CHIN 111 Chinese Culture I (PD/A)
CHIN 112 Chinese Culture II (PD/A)
CLA 101 Classical Mythology (PD/D)
CLA 110 Greek & Latin Roots of English
CLA 201 Greek Civilization (W) (PD/D)
CLA 203 Roman Civilization (W) (PD/D)
CLA 204 Classical, Egyptian & Western Asiatic Archaeology (W)
GRK 101 Beginning Greek
HEBR 101 Elementary Hebrew I
HEBR 105 Elementary Biblical Hebrew I
HEBR 221 Modern Israeli Culture (PD/A)
HEBR 222 Introduction to Jewish Texts & Writings (PD/A)
HEBR 240 Introduction to the Old Testament
HEBR 290 Biblical Archeology (PD/A)
JPN 101 Elementary Japanese I
LAT 101 Beginning Latin
RUSS 101 Elementary Russian
RUSS 157 The Age of Great Masters (PD/D)
RUSS 255 Russian Folklore, in Translation (W) (PD/D)
GERMN 101 Elementary German I
HIST 111 World History to 1500 (PD/A)
HIST 112 World History 1500 to the Present
HIST 121 Early Modern Europe 1500-1815 (PD/D)
HIST 122 19th and 20th Century Europe (W) (PD/D)
HIST 208 History of the Jews (PD/A)
HIST 277 East Asia to 1600 (PD/A)
HIST 278 East Asia, 1600 to Present (PD/A)
Political Science:
POLSC 100 Introduction to Politics: Anarchy, Democracy and the State (W)
POLSC 115 Introduction to International Relations (W)
POLSC 250 Comparing Countries (W)
REL 251 Asian Religions (PD/A)
REL 252 Ancient Near Eastern Religions (PD/A)
REL 253 Abrahamic Religions (PD/D)
REL 254 Tribal Religions: From Australia to the Americas (PD/A or B)
REL 256 Afro-Caribbean Religions (PD/B)
Romance Languages:
FREN 101 Elementary French I
FREN 241 Early French Civilization: From Gothic to Revolution (PD/D)
FREN 242 Modern French Civilization: From Revolution to Present (PD/D)
ITAL 101 Elementary Italian II
SPAN 101 Elementary Spanish I
SPAN 105 Basic Reading & Writing for Native Speakers of Spanish
SPAN 241 Civilization of Spain, in English (PD/D)

H1. Individual and Society-Humanities (3 credits=1 course):

ARTH 111 Introduction to History of Art (PD/D)
Classical and Oriental Studies:
CHIN 251 Modern Chinese Fiction in English Translation
CLA 250 Greek & Roman Tragedy (W) (PD/D)
CLA 251 Ancient Comedy (W) (PD/D)
CLA 253 Homer & Vergil (W) (PD/D)
HEBR 211 Masterpieces of Medieval Hebrew Literature (W) (PD/D)
HEBR 292 Hebrew Prophets in English (PD/A)
JPN 251 Japanese Culture Before 1600 (W) (PD/A)
RUSS 250 19th Century Russian Literature in English Translation (W) (PD/D)
RUSS 252 Modern Russian Literature in English Translation (W) (PD/D)
RUSS 254 The Silver Age of Russian Literature in English Translation (W) (PD/D)
RUSS 270 Soviet and Post-Soviet Cinema & Society
HUM 110 Map of Knowledge (W)
PHILO 101 Introduction to Philosophy
PHILO 104 Introduction to Ethics
PHILO 204 Great Philosophers (PD/D)
REL 110 Nature of Religion (W)
REL 111 Approaches to Religion (W)
REL 204 Religious Experience (W) (PD/D)
REL 205 Faith & Disbelief (W) (PD/D)
REL 206 Ideas of God in Contemporary Western Thought (W) (PD/D)
REL 207 Religious Sources for Morality (W) (PD/D)
REL 208 Religious Ideas of Social Justice (W) (PD/D)
REL 255 Religions of Two Gods (W) (PD/A)
REL 270 Religion & Psychology (W) (PD/D)
Romance Languages:
ITAL 280 The Italian Renaissance: An Introduction (PD/D)

H2. Individual and Society-Social Sciences (3 credits=1 course)

Africana and Puerto Rican/Latino Studies:
AFPRL 100 Introduction to Black Politics (PD/B)
AFPRL 103 Conquest & Resistance: Puerto Rican Experience in Comparative Perspective (PD/B)
AFPRL 181 Language & Ethnic Identity
AFPRL 205 African American Politics and Social Change (PD/B)
ANTHC 101 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (PD/A)
Asian American Studies:
Asian 230.02 Asian American Communities & Mental Health (PD/B)
ECO 100 Introduction to Economics
ECO 201 Principles of Macroeconomics
Film and Media Studies:
MEDIA 180 Introduction to Media Studies
PHILO 106 Philosophy, Politics & Society (PD/D)
Political Science:
POLSC 200 Interpreting Politics: An Introduction to Political Ideas (W)
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology
Urban Studies:
URBS 101 Urban Life: Personal & Observational View
URBS 102 Structure of Urban Region
Woman and Gender Studies
WGS 100 Introduction to Gender & Sexuality Studies (PD/C)



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