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 Student Self-Advocacy at Hunter College

Self-advocacy skills in college are essential. As a student you have relied upon the support of your parents and others, but you must now learn to help yourself. This vital "rite of passage" enables you to prepare for independence and success in the adult world. Self-advocacy for college can be defined as the ability to recognize and meet the needs specific to one's disability without compromising the dignity of oneself or others. Independent decision-making and the ability to express one's needs are two critical elements of self-advocacy (Richard Goldhamer & Loring C. Brinkerhuff (1993).

As a self-advocate, it is a student's responsibility:

  • To register with the Office of AccessABILITY Services (OA) and voluntarily disclose information regarding the nature and extent of the disability.
    NOTE: Accommodations are provided for a student who has self-identified as having a qualifying disability and provided supporting documentation.
  • To bring medical or psychological documentation of the diagnosed disability to an interview with the Intake Counselor at the Office of AccessABILITY Services
  • To present requests for reasonable accommodations based on the supporting documentation to both the faculty and the Office of AccessABILITY Services.
  • To meet privately, early in the semester, with course faculty members and discuss needed reasonable accommodations.
  • To immediately report to Office of Accessability any physical or academic difficulties with accessibility.
  • To be on time for all classes and tests.
  • To maintain an ongoing relationship with the Office of Accessability, review and promptly respond to correspondence and complete ADA signature forms each term.
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