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Welcome to ACERT

Hunter has established the Academic Center for Excellence in Research & Teaching (ACERT) as a collaboration of Hunter's offices of Academic Affairs, Instructional Computing & Information Technology (ICIT), and Assessment. The primary emphasis of the Center is on integrating faculty development activities with a focus on pedagogy, technology and assessment.

ACERT engages with the Hunter community through its seminar series, which invite participants to share and discuss high-impact teaching practices and technologies that faculty can incorporate into their classrooms:

  • Lunchtime Seminars: At lunchtime, from noon to 2pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Hunter faculty and invited guests speak about methods they've used to engage students, expand their research skills, assess teaching effectiveness and about their experiences using a range of technologies to enhance teaching and learning in the classroom. Past seminars have addressed critical thinking in different discipines, using portfolios and reflection to enhance classroom instruction, connecting teaching and undergraduate research, and working with the Institutional Review Board (IRB). Our team of educational technologists are always on hand to answer additional questions. Click here to see our current event schedule.
  • Special Events: At lunchtime, from noon to 2pm we occasionally feature special events in the later weeks of the semester or in lieu of a Lunchtime Seminar event. Different from the other programming, our special events generally involve active engagement such as a hands-on session, round-table or webinar. Special Events are scheduled on an ongoing basis. Check back again for details of upcoming events.
  • Teaching Scholarship Circles: Over the course of several weeks, faculty meet to discuss pedagogical topics and expand their skill sets. Click to see our current Teaching Scholarship Circles.
  • Guided Explorations: Over the course of several days at a time scheduled between semesters in January or June, faculty meet to discuss pedagogical topics and expand their skill sets. In January, 2014, we offered a Guided Exploration on Hybrid and Online classes, lead by Prof. Janet Patti and Educational Technologists, Shiao-Chuan Kung, and Nancy Guerrero.