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Learning from and building on past hybrid courses

March 6, 2014, 12-2 pm

Presented by:
Michael Siller, Department of Psychology
Scott Gentile, Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Michael Siller will describe the process he went through in designing a hybrid course he developed for students in the Psychology Department , entitled 'Autism Across the Lifespan'. This 50%/50% online/in class course includes seven online modules that cover important transitions in the lives of individuals with autism. While completing these online modules, students LEARN new materials by completing assignments that take advantage of publicly available online education resources created for families and professionals; students SHOW their understanding by completing written assignments posted to class blogs and wikis; students APPLY their new knowledge by responding to (often video-based) case scenarios; and students DISCUSS the covered material by participating in discussion boards and commenting on each other's written products.

Scott Gentile developed a blended math course in the Fall 2012 semester that was 50% online. He re-designed the hybrid course the following semester to address some of the challenges experienced while teaching the course.  He will talk about how and why he decided to modify the exam structure, how he kept students on track, and how he made the best use of in-class meetings.


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