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Round-table discussion & exploration: educational uses for the iPad

April 18, 2013, 12-2 pm — Charlotte Frank Room, 1203 East

Well-beyond simple entertainment, iPad apps today offer layers of information unveiled by the touch of a finger and appealing multi-media resources that are streamlined and ready for download. Mobile devices offer many valuable resources for teaching and may perhaps even harken a new era for the textbook. So—are you wondering if there’s a place for the new media in your classroom?

In this round-table discussion, we will consider how iPads and other mobile devices can provide fresh experiences for teaching and learning, while streaming to a screen where larger groups can also appreciate the material. Phil Swan will share some iPad resources he has discovered and we will discuss how these resources could be used in an educational setting. A number of other faculty will share apps and talk about how they have incorporated the use of mobile devices in their teaching.

Following this discussion, we will work in small groups to explore some of the iPad apps that were presented. You will also have an opportunity to informally share your favorite app—please bring an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, or other mobile device if you have one.


Apps explored include: Dropbox, iAnnotate, Wolfram Alpha, Wiley apps, Brain Baseline, Stats of the Union, Census Bureau apps, Science Reader, Pocket Body, Tate Unilever, Catalogue Stein, Orchestra, Poetry Foundation, Sonnets (Touch Press) or Wasteland (Touch Press), Shakespeare in Bits, Timeline World War Two, A variety of Wiley Mobile Apps, Skitch, Whiteboard, iBook, GoToMeeting, Micromedex, AnatomyLite and more....