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Teaching Tuesday, Fall 2012

Oct. 2
Creativity in pedagogy: Learning for the “real world”
  • How is creativity defined across different academic disciplines?
  • What are the implications with respect to pedagogy?
  • What are the challenges, potentialities, and recommendations?
David Capps (Dance)
Derrick Brazill (Biology)
Oct. 9
(Re)build your W course: Tips and recommendations

Are you teaching a Significant Writing (W) course for the first time? Are you teaching one again, and thinking about ways to change it? The Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Program can offer advice... more...

Dennis Paoli (WAC, Reading/Writing Center)
Oct. 16
Pedagogical strategies for hybrid courses

This session will address strategies used to design, present and evaluate student work in two hybrid courses offered to post-graduate students in the Administration and Supervision Program (ADSUP), within the School of Education. Leadership development requires that aspiring leaders acquire an enormous amount of personal and professional skills. The objective behind... more... 

Janet Patti (Curriculum & Teaching)
Oct. 23
Crafting and assessing qualitative writing assignments

Ideally, students will apply the conceptual or theoretical knowledge they acquire to the world around them. But how do we train them to do this? When carefully crafted and assessed, qualitatively oriented writing assignments offer an effective forum for this kind of work. In this presentation, Thomas DeGloma (Sociology) will discuss... more...

Tom DeGloma (Sociology)
Nov. 6
Interdisciplinary teaching

We're hearing more and more about interdisciplinarity and interdisciplinary teaching. But what does such teaching really look like? What does it mean to teach in an interdisciplinary way? What do students gain from taking interdisciplinary courses? What challenges does interdisciplinary education present, and how can they be met? more...

Elizabeth Beaujour + faculty (Thomas Hunter Honors Program)
Nov. 13

Pedagogical uses of reflection

Reflection has come to be widely recognized as an integral element in teaching and learning. In course assignments, class discussions, and ePortfolios, reflection is often used for a range of purposes—from examining one’s own learning to questioning assumptions. In this interactive session, we will explore why and how reflection can foster growth. more...

Yang Hu (Curriculum & Teaching)
Adrienne Alaie-Petrillo (Biology)