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Pedagogical strategies for hybrid courses

October 15, 2012, 12-2 pm

This session will address strategies used to design, present and evaluate student work in two hybrid courses offered to post-graduate students in the Administration and Supervision Program (ADSUP), within the School of Education. Leadership development requires that aspiring leaders acquire an enormous amount of personal and professional skills. The objective behind using a hybrid approach is to maximize instructional time in the classroom (skill building), enhance team learning, explore group dynamics and individual leadership style and build the ability to make sound decisions to improve instruction in schools. 

The content of the two courses varies greatly but many of the instructional tools utilized are similar.  Both classes utilize a scaffolded approach to completing a project that is worth 50% of the class grade. Technology is utilized to clearly organize the course, provide instructions, teach new content and monitor students’ work throughout the process. Rubrics will also be shared as a form of assessment.