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Pedagogical uses of reflection

November 13, 2012, 12-2 pm

Reflection has come to be widely recognized as an integral element in teaching and learning. In course assignments, class discussions, and ePortfolios, reflection is often used for a range of purposes—from examining one’s own learning to questioning assumptions. In this interactive session, we will explore why and how reflection can foster growth. In particular, we will address these questions.

  • How do students benefit from self-reflection?
  • How do professors benefit from students’ reflections?
  • How do we encourage and improve the quality of students’ reflection?

Adrienne Alaie teaches the 700 student introductory biology course Principles of Biology I and II.· She will discuss strategies she employs to try to promote reflection in the laboratory classroom, and to the extent possible, in the setting of the large lecture format.

Yang Hu teaches courses in writing methods and literacy assessment in the Department of Curriculum and Teaching, as well as coordinating the Masters in Literacy Program. She will discuss strategies she uses to infuse reflection in assignments, in class discussions, as well as in ePortfolios. She will share examples of students’ reflection to illustrate ways in which reflection can foster ownership of learning, increase learners’ self-confidence, widen perspective, and result in transformation. Participants are encouraged to discuss and share how they might infuse reflection in their practice.