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The underbelly of academia: Should we teach these conflicts?

May 1, 2012, 12-2 pm

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Is it a good idea to teach the conflicts in your subject area, or even between subject areas? In his book Beyond the Culture Wars , Gerald Graff gives an elaborate argument for what he calls “teaching the conflicts,” where he envisions all kinds of academic conflicts, including academic hierarchies and those over the culture wars. Graff suggests that these conflicts should be out in the open and in fact, become the subject of classes. In this Teaching Tuesdays event, Prof. Alan Hausman will present the central themes in his class, Map of Knowledge , and explore ways that conflicts can be used to further pedagogical approaches in any class.

A follow-up discussion will consider the following:

  • How can conflict be used to improve teaching and learning?
  • What are some models for teaching the conflicts at Hunter?
  •  Would class clusters facilitate teaching the conflicts?