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Overview of the Hunter Common Core for Pathways

These webpages provide information to help faculty migrate courses currently in Hunter’s General Education Requirement (GER) to the Pathways model for a CUNY Common Core. 

See the Hunter College Senate document “Hunter Common Core Framework” in the Introductory Information section to access the college’s plan for migrating courses from its GER to a Common Core, and for specific suggestions as to which courses from which sections of the college’s current GER fit into specific categories of CUNY’s Common Core.

Once you know what category of the Common Core your course will fit into, see the Senate document on “Submission Guidelines” (“Guidelines for Submitting Courses”) in Introductory Information, specifically the “Technical Matters” section of the document. Access the appropriate category’s “Course Submission Form,” in PDF or Word form. It will outline CUNY Common Core Learning Outcomes each course must address in its syllabus.

The “Suggested Wording for Syllabi” and the “Recommended Syllabus Format” in the “Submission Guidelines” and the “Sample Syllabus” in the Introductory Information, and the category-appropriate webpages in “The Required Core” and “The Flexible Core” will help faculty revise their syllabi to re-present their courses for submission to the college Senate’s Undergraduate Course of Study Committee for inclusion in the Hunter Common Core.

The Senate asks that syllabi and Course Submission Forms be submitted to the Undergraduate Course of Study Committee by May 15th, especially courses to be offered in the Fall 2012 semester.