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Flexible Core

Most of the courses currently in Hunter’s GER will fit into one of the five categories in the Flexible Core. Students must take one course/three credits in World Culture and Global Issues, where Hunter will fit the first semester of the Foreign Language requirement, as well as other courses currently in the GER; one course/three credits in U.S. Experience and its Diversity, currently limited to introductory History and Political Science courses; one course/three credits in Creative Expression, essentially courses in the arts; two courses/six credits in Individual and Society (one course/three credits in Social Science, and one course/three credits in Humanities, Cultures, and Ideas); and one course/three credits in Scientific World, essentially non-laboratory science courses. Consult pages 2-3 of the “Hunter Common Core Framework” in the Introductory Information.

The following pages, in conjunction with the corresponding “Course Submission Form,” accessed through the “Submission Guidelines” (“Guidelines for Submitting Courses”) in the Introductory Information, offer advice for addressing required Learning Outcomes in submitted syllabi.


World Culture and Global Issues

US Experience in its Diversity

Creative Expression

Individual and Society

Scientific World