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Getting Started

These Senate documents give the background and structure of the college’s plan to make Hunter’s GER fit into the CUNY Common Core while preserving the college’s commitment to the principles of its GER.

Courses will be approved for inclusion into one of eight Common Core categories, three required categories (the Required Core) and five categories in which students must take at least one course each (the Flexible Core). Consult the “Hunter Common Core Framework” and the “Submission Guidelines” (“Guidelines for Submitting Courses”) in considering what category a course might fit into.

Also check the “Submission Guidelines” for the Learning Outcomes each course is expected to address. Syllabi submitted should note the Learning Outcomes the course will focus on, including the three required outcomes (essentially Written or Oral Communication, Research and Information Literacy/Critical Reading and Research, and Critical Thinking).     

The links below are from the Hunter College website and will open in a new window.


Hunter Common Core Framework

Common core presentation

Survey of courses for inclusion in Pathways 

Guidelines for submitting courses

Sample syllabus