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Library Subcommittee Projects & Outcomes 2010-2011



Strategies to Meet Objectives

Assessment Method


Outcomes /Results

Feedback and Follow-Up Recommendations

Program/Office/Department Performing Assessment

What does the department/ program do to meet the goals --- what practices are currently in place


What is done to meet the objective – how does the department meet the objective (already in place)

How will this practice (objective) be assessed – what tools are used to see if the objective is working

What question are you trying to answer?

What does the data say

Analysis of the data – expected outcomes , successes, weaknesses

Library Gate Counts

The Library works to maintain a physical environment that enables students and faculty to dependably use the space for study, research, and teaching.

Through regular communication between Library leadership and Facilities, any issues with the physical space should be identified and remedied.

Via the access control device at the door to the library, gate counts are obtained to show an approximate overall use of the Library facility.

What is the current use of the library’s physical space?

Gate counts rose from 844,000 to nearly 1 million from the 2009-10 to 2010-11 academic years.

Using Blackboard technology, the College can isolate the counts by unique visits per day, and separate this by faculty, staff, and student visits.  Facility use by floor is being discussed for use in future years.

Library Reserve Desk Use

The library works to maintain a sufficient number of copies of books (texts and other print materials) on its shelves to be accessible when needed by Hunter students, as well as other tools such as laptops, media (cd/dvd/video),

The reserve desk relies on student feedback in order to maintain and strengthen the support services it offers to the Campus Community.

A survey was administered to all students using the reserve desk.

Is the reserve desk used to the fullest capacity?

Over all, students were satisfied with the reserve desk services available in the Hunter Library, with most use being laptop and textbook borrowing.

Based on data from the survey, the Library will work on promoting underutilized services at the reserve desk, such as ERes.