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Resource Subcommittee 2009-2010 Assessment Projects



Strategies to Meet Objectives

Assessment Method


Outcomes /Results

Feedback and Follow-Up Recommendations

Program/Office/Department Performing Assessment

What does the department/ program do to meet the goals --- what practices are currently in place


What is done to meet the objective – how does the department meet the objective (already in place)

How will this practice (objective) be assessed – what tools are used to see if the objective is working

When/how often will assessment take place

What does the data say

Analysis of the data – expected outcomes , successes, weaknesses

International Students Office – Document and Record All Processes

The International Students Office provides academic support services to international students and help with immigration regulatory matters.

Students in the U.S. may receive information and assistance in the following areas: applying for temporary student status, extensions of stay, practical training, reinstatement of status, the social security card, employment in the U.S., changing immigration status and filing petitions for naturalization (citizenship). Additionally, the office provides referrals on- and off-campus to help students adapt and function well in their new educational and social environment.

The Office will conduct an inventory of all processes, deadlines, and current students in order to achieve documentation of all current workflow.  This will be used to create a baseline for future comparison with the aim to create a more efficient workflow.

As processes are performed, the Office will document and record all actions.



Wellness/Health Education – Indentify How Students Learn About the Office

The Wellness/ Education program provides health services, counseling, and education and training to students at Hunter College.

Students are asked to fill out a simple, optional survey when receiving help in the Wellness Center on campus.

Queries/surveys will be expanded to include all students who attend events/use any service.  To be used as baseline for comparison in future years.

Fall 2009 – Spring 2010



Career Development Services – ORION and Optimal Résumé Systems Use

The CDS Office provides on campus job recruitment programs as well as résumé work-shopping.

Multi-medium communications are used to promote the Office and the services offered.

Data culled from ORION and Optimal Résumé computer systems.   To be used as baseline for comparison in future years.

Fall 2009 – Spring 2010



Residence Life – Assess Major Services (Resources) Provided to Students in Residence Hall

The Residence Life Office provides support and programming for all students living in the residence hall.

Satisfaction surveys are conducted infrequently.

Student satisfaction surveys will be administered to all student residents on a regular basis, twice per academic year.  Results will be used as baseline for future comparison.

Spring 2010



AccessABILITY – Use of Assistive Technologies

The Office of AccessABILITY enhances the educational experience for people with temporary or permanent disabilities.

A multi-medium survey on the nature of assistive devices, the purpose (classroom, testing, study), and benefit of use will be given to any and all students using the AccessABILITY program.

Data will be collected from survey, as well as weekly reports from the center and other college areas utilizing the assistive technologies.  Attention will be on number of visits, usage, and benefits of the technology.  Data will be used as baseline for future comparison.

Fall 2009 – Spring 2010.



Student Life – Student Clubs and Co-curricular Activities

Student Life works with groups of students who wish to form a club or organization. 

A new online student group management system (SGMS) has been implemented, promising ease in group chartering and other management.

Multi-platform communication will be conducted to promote the new system.  Usage data and statistics will be used for comparison in future years.

Fall 2009 – Spring 2010



Budget Office – Student Employment Opportunities On Campus

The Budget Office controls TS funds allocated by promoting the use of Work Study Student hires in appropriate areas.

The Budget Office has increased communication with the all departments (academic and administrative) to increase work study placements.

Data will be collected detailing student placements, hours worked, and actual dollars paid to students.  This will be a baseline for future comparison.

Data will be collected at the end of each semester.



Public Safety – Turnstile Effectiveness at Main Campus Library and MFA Building

Public Safety ensures the physical safety of all students, faculty, and staff at all campuses.

Turnstiles have been installed at the Main Campus Library and MFA Building to control access and deter theft and trespassing.

Theft and trespass reports before and after the installation will be compared.  Current data will be used as baseline for comparison and aid in future policy decisions.

Spring 2010



Athletics – Assessment of Athletic Program Experience/Coach Evaluation

The Athletics Program is the umbrella for all sports and intramural recreation at Hunter.

Student-athletes are queried on their experience within the program.

Surveys will be more widely distributed, in-person conversations and questioning will take place, and feedback will be provided by the SAAC (Student Athletic Advisory Committee).

Fall 2009 – Spring 2010



Environmental Health and Safety – MSDS Database

The Office of Environmental Health and Safety monitors and manages the use, storage, and disposal of any and all hazardous materials at Hunter.

EHS maintains a list of the amount and location of all chemical substances on campus.

An online database will be created to better serve the campus community in maintaining the location and use of chemical substances.

Spring 2010