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Hunter College Administrative Assessment Overview

The Administrative Assessment Plan is an instructional guide and procedural overview of Administrative Assessment at Hunter College. Administrative Assessment is an ongoing process that promotes the improvement of the College as well as the strategic planning for future years. Administrative Assessment incorporates the students, faculty, and administration in order to ensure that a full and complete review has been achieved. Administrative Assessment is a comprehensive process that analyzes and reviews the departments and programs that aid in student learning outside of the academic curriculum. In striving to achieve its mission, Hunter College has implemented a process of Administrative Assessment that emphasizes three main components of the Hunter College mission: Recruitment, Retention, and Graduation. Administrative Assessment at Hunter College focuses on how administrative services function in their ability and effectiveness to achieve these three goals. These three goals incorporate the CUNY and Hunter PMP Objectives:

  • Strengthen CUNY Flagship and college priority programs, and continuously update curricula and program mix
  • Attract and nurture a strong faculty that is recognized for excellent teaching, scholarship and creative activity
  • Ensure that all students receive a quality general education and effective instruction
  • Increase retention and graduation rates and ensure students make timely progress toward degree completion
  • Improve postgraduate outcomes
  • Improve quality of student academic support services
  • Increase or maintain access and enrollment; facilitate movement of eligible students to and among CUNY campuses
  • Increase revenues and decrease expenses
  • Improve administrative services
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