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Who is Responsible for Assessment?

Administrative Assessment Committee

At Hunter College, Administrative Assessment is completed by the Administrative Assessment Committee (AAC). The goals of the Administrative Assessment Committee are to ensure that the goals of Hunter College are being met effectively and efficiently. The AAC looks specifically at the administrative services that promote and advance the College’s mission. The AAC categorizes administrative services into seven general categories. For each general category, there is an Assessment Subcommittee that is responsible for the assessment of departments and programs within the specific category. The categories are part of the acronym BLASTER:

  1. Bursar, Admissions, Registrar, Financial Aid, Instructional Technology
  2. Library
  3. Advising
  4. Scholarship
  5. Technology
  6. Enterprise
  7. Resources

Administrative Assessment Subcommittees

The role of the AAC in assessment is to be the guiding body to oversee the assessment plan. In guiding assessment, the AAC relays to the subcommittees the goals of the College and the goals from the City University of New York PMP. The AAC should direct the subcommittees on assessment. In addition, at the end of assessment, the assessment subcommittees report back to the AAC. The AAC is then to develop a report for the President of the College, the assessment practices and policies of the college as well as the functioning of the administrative services. The report is both a detailed status of the administrative services as well as a recommendation of future improvements and plans for the next academic year.

The Assessment Subcommittees have six primary responsibilities:

  1. Receive College goals and assessment direction from the AAC. Relay these goals to the specific departments and programs included in the assessment.
  2. Identify department-specific objectives based upon College goals and assessment direction.
  3. Work with department/program directors to develop Department Assessment Plans, including assessment schedule and methods of assessment.
  4. Collect and review completed Department Assessment Reports.
  5. Provide feedback and improvement recommendations to department/program directors.
  6. Report to the AAC on Department Assessments at the end of the assessment cycle.

There is a subcommittee for each of the seven categories. The Assessment Subcommittee members are appointed by the AAC. The Assessment Subcommittees are each responsible for several partments/programs. The Assessment Subcommittees serve as the liaison between the AAC and individual departments included in the assessment process. In addition, the Assessment Subcommittees ensure that departmental assessment is being conducted properly and efficiently. The Assessment Subcommittees review the Department Assessment Reports and provide feedback and comments before reporting back to the AAC.


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