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Documenting Administrative Assessment

Administrative Assessment will be documented using the Department Assessment Report. This template follows the methods used at Belmont Abbey College and Baylor University, as well as concepts from the Logic Model. Similar templates are used at many other institutions for administrative and student learning outcome assessment. Filling out the template is the actual documentation of the Administrative Assessment. The reports and findings written down in the template are the key elements that will be reviewed and discussed for assessment.

The Department Assessment Report is an online form accessible through the Hunter College intranet. When the form is filled out, the data is counted and recorded into a web-database hosted at Hunter College.

The matrix below is an example of the information gathered by the Department Assessment Report:

Hunter Mission Goals Goals Objectives Strategies to Meet Objectives Assessment Method Timeline Outcomes /Results Feedback and Follow-Up Recommendations
What is the main over- arching Hunter goal that the assessment aims to achieve?

Recruitment Retention Graduation
PMP Objective What does the department/ program do to meet the goals --- what practices are currently in place? What is done to meet the objective? How does the department meet the objective (already in place)? How will this practice (objective) be assessed? What tools are used to see if the objective is working? When/how often will assessment take place? What does the data say? Analysis of the data – expected outcomes , successes, weaknesses