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The Administrative Assessment Process

  1. The Administrative Assessment Committee (AAC) is responsible for conducting Administrative Assessment for Hunter College. The AAC meets several times throughout the year. The first meeting at the beginning of the academic year identifies the assessment goals and the departments/programs to be assessed. The AAC identifies the goals of the college to the assessment subcommittees and directs which departments and programs are to be assessed.
  2. The assessment subcommittees determine the schedule for department/program assessment. This schedule is based upon several considerations to achieve maximum efficiency in assessment. Staggering assessment reports will enable the assessment subcommittees to review all reports in a timely manner. The Assessment Schedule is created at the start of the academic year and emailed to all departments and programs.
  3. Each department/program is responsible to complete the assessment using the Department Assessment Report. Each department creates a Department Assessment Plan which includes data collection and analysis. Please see below. This plan is developed with guidance and approval from the appropriate assessment subcommittee.
  4. Based upon the schedule, each department/program begins the assessment. The assessment plans and reports of each department/program are documented on the online Department Assessment Report.
  5. When completed, the Department Assessment Report is submitted back to the assessment subcommittees for review.
  6. The assessment subcommittees review the assessment practices and provide a detailed report to the AAC.
  7. The AAC compiles all of the assessment subcommittee reports for review and analysis. The AAC reports to the President the status of Administrative Assessment. The AAC also makes recommendations to the assessment subcommittees for departments and programs.
  8. Following review, the assessment subcommittees meet with each department to discuss improvements and policy recommendations for the future. In addition, the meeting discusses budget allocations and future planning.
  9. The department/program implements the new improvements as the assessment process repeats.