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If you previously took courses and received grades at Hunter College and have not been in attendance for more than one semester, you are required to submit a readmission application.

Admissions requirements

In general, students that left Hunter in good standing (2.0 GPA and above) are approved for readmission. Students who do not meet this criteria will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

How to apply

STEP 1 Apply for Readmission Online

Application Priority Deadlines:

Fall Semester - May 1 Winter Session - October 1
Spring Semester - November 1 Summer Session - March 15

Applications submitted after the deadline will be considered based on space availability. All admissions decisions will be sent via email.

STEP 2 — Mail your supporting documents to the Office of Admissions, or drop them off in person, at the address below.

NOTE: If you have attended another college since you have left Hunter, please submit your official transcript(s) to:
Hunter College
Office of Admissions

Room 203 North
695 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10065

Application Fee

There is a one-time fee of $20 that will be added to your tuition bill at the time of registration. Please do not send the application fee when filing your application.

Former SEEK Students

SEEK students who have not been in attendance for four or more semesters and/or have been in the SEEK program for ten semesters or more, need special permission to return to SEEK. Students with less than 60 credits who do not wish to return to SEEK must obtain a release from the Director of the SEEK program. Visit the SEEK website.

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695 Park Ave
NY, NY 10065