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Jenny Ha, Athena Scholar, Class of 2018

Tell us about yourself:

At the young age of three, I moved from Seoul, Korea to New York City. I graduated from Brooklyn Technical High school concentrating in Biomedical Engineering. Transitioning into a new academic setting is what initially led me to become a well-rounded student. Here, I am currently focusing my studies on philosophy, psychology, public policy and economics. I am a Student Ambassador and a College Assistant for the Scholar Programs. Apart from my academic studies and campus involvement, my hobbies include experimenting with photography, and frequenting art galleries and visiting pleasant eateries around the city. 


How has your scholarship helped you?

If not for the Athena Scholar Program, I would never have escaped my comfort zone, nor thought to enroll in humanities courses such as Greek Mythology, Thinking Through Poetry and Ethics. To my surprise, I found the subjects rather enjoyable and intriguing. I do admit there were days where finishing a philosophy paper took excruciating amount of time because every question unraveled an even greater question. Yet, these experiences did not diminish my curiosity. From a distance, philosophy seemed irrelevant to my current life. However, once I immersed myself further into the field, I came to a realization that it has more to offer than open ended questions and unpleasant confusion. Thinking philosophically has allowed me to consider multiple positions in all aspects. The Athena’s are always presented with fundamental, unanswered questions in life. Our professors, mentors and advisors send us off to unexplored directions, allowing us to further our pursuit of wisdom.

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