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Hila Chase, Yalow Scholar, Class of 2015

Hila Chase, Yalow Scholar

Tell us about yourself:

Growing up between NYC and Israel, I was home-schooled for high school and started at Hunter following what would be considered my third year of high school. During those three home-schooled years, I was able to focus on many of the arts, taught and performed circus arts, and developed my own custom costume jewelry and prop business. I was also able to focus my studies on more personal interests within science and discovery. 

I came to Hunter with an interest in biological research, and after speaking to helpful professors and mentors, was able to better define my academic goals. I am currently majoring in biology with an interdisciplinary zoo-archaeology major created through the Thomas Hunter Honors Program.  I have completed two years of fieldwork in Orkney, Scotland and worked at the American Museum of Natural History, and am now working at Weill Cornell Medical College through the Minority Access to Research Careers (MARC) program. I hope to earn a PhD and continue pursuing interdisciplinary research in both the field and the lab, utilizing molecular-level biology for paleobiological and archaeological research.


How has your scholarship helped you?

Having been home schooled, I began my college career a year earlier than my peers. As a result of the Yalow scholarship, I am making friends and finding the college experience quite enjoyable. Hunter is a very large institution and it is an immense help to me to have a support group like I have in my learning community of scholars. Attending informative meetings that not only help me stay in touch with my advisors and peers, but provide useful information on many important aspects of college life and beyond, keeps me focused on my goals.

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