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Jack Liu, Yalow Scholar, Class of 2016

Tell us about yourself:

I'm a Brooklyn native, and attended Brooklyn Tech before coming to Hunter.  My interests are in the realm of science and its applications, and my goal is to use an understanding of the natural world to benefit humanity.  I consider my Yalow Scholarship one of the most notable achievements in my life so far. 


How has your scholarship helped you?

In this program, I study with outstanding peers who share my goal of achieving something important in science or medicine. I also have access to terrific advisors and faculty members, and boundless academic and co-curricular opportunities. If not for the Yalow Scholarship, I would not be assisting with research in my general chemistry professor's lab, nor would I have an awesome postbac mentor or be part of Undergraduate Student Government.

The Yalow Scholarship is helping me achieve my goal of becoming a doctor while enabling me to meet great people and do great things at Hunter College.


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