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Hunter College Curriculum Structure

Hunter College Curriculum Structure
  30 CUNY Common Core/Hunter Core Credits
    The Core Requirement consists of designated courses in:
  • English Composition (6 credits=2 courses)
    - English Composition 1 - ENGL 12000 (3 credits)
    - English Composition 2 - (3 credits)
  • Math and Quantitative Reasoning (3 credits)
  • Life and Physical Sciences (3 credits)
  • Scientific World (3 credits)
  • Creative Expression (3 credits)
  • U.S. Experience in its Diversity (3 credits)
  • World Cultures and Global Issues (3 credits)
  • Individual & Society (6 credits – 2 courses)
    - 1 course in the Humanities (3 credits)
    - 1 course in the Social Sciences (3 credits)
  12 Hunter Focus Credits
Hunter has historically maintained a commitment to Foreign Language, helping students to become well-rounded professionals. As such, for most students the Hunter Focus requirement will be fulfilled by Foreign Language. For students who demonstrate prior foreign language proficiency, these credits can be fulfilled by select courses outside of your major.
  30+ Credits Towards Your Major
Majors at Hunter come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on what area of study you pursue, your major can range in its number of required credits. Many majors consist of about 30-45 credits, though some can require more.
  Concurrent Course Requirements (Writing Intensive; Pluralism & Diversity)
Hunter College requires students to take some courses that are writing intensive and some that deal with issues of Pluralism and Diversity. These courses can be part of the Hunter Core Requirement (HCR), major or minor requirements, or electives.
    Pluralism and Diversity courses are required in four categories:
  • Non-European societies, particularly those of Africa, Asia, Latin America, or those indigenous to the Americas
  • One or more of the following groups in the US: African Americans, Asian Americans, Latino Americans, and Native Americans
  • Women and/or issues of gender or sexual orientation
  • Europe, including ways in which pluralism and diversity have been addressed

Elective Credits
After completing the above aspects of the curriculum, students are able to fill out the remainder of their 120 credits with electives. This is where students elect to add minors, second-majors, or take some of the interesting courses they find in our catalog!

If you are interested in seeing how a 4-year plan might look for a particular major at Hunter, you can explore our Degree Maps below.

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