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Request Credit/No Credit (CR/NC)

Credit/No Credit is a system based on the non-letter grades of CR/NC. The CR/NC system may be elected by students up until the beginning of the final exam (or the due date for handing in the last term paper, if there is no final exam) CR/NC grades are not averaged into the GPA; course requirements are the same as in the traditional grading system.

Credit (CR)→ Grade of A, B, or C
No Credit (NC) Grade of D or F (cannot replace/override WU, IN, or FIN)

Credit/No Credit is an agreement between a student and the student’s instructor or professor. When departmental policies allow, request forms must be accepted by the instructor. Students requesting grading according to this system must satisfy whatever attendance requirement has been set by the instructor, complete all the assignments and take the final examination.

Before you file a CR/NC form, please see below for any restrictions that may apply to you:

  • A maximum of (4) courses (including repeated courses) at Hunter College may be taken on a Credit/No Credit basis excluding remedial/developmental courses and any courses with mandatory CR/NC grading.
  • Credit/No Credit grades are not allowed for students on probation.
  • When a student chooses the CR/NC option and earns a D as the final grade, the student may choose to receive either the D or a grade of NC.
  • If (as a result of a student’s request) a CR/NC is given where it is not an allowed grade according to existing regulations, it will be converted to a letter grade by the Registrar’s Office, Room 217 Hunter North. CR grades will be changed to C; NC grades will be changed to F.
  • With approval of the Senate, departments may prohibit the use of CR/NC grades in major courses, especially in those areas in which outside certification is required. CR/NC grades are not permitted in education, nursing, pre-engineering, premedical, health sciences, nutrition and food science and pre-law. All students should check with their departmental advisers for specific policies.
  • *Other colleges, graduate schools, professional schools, services and employers may look at the use of CR/NC with disfavor and may convert Credit into a 'C' letter grade and No Credit into a 'F' for their purposes.
  • *Eligibility for some financial aid grants may be affected by use of CR/NC grades. Students are responsible for checking if this applies to them before the CR/NC option is taken.

NOTE: This form is not needed for courses with mandatory CR/NC grading.

If you wish to file a CR/NC, please print out the form on the right hand side. You will need to get a signature from your professor anytime before the final (or if there is no final, before the last paper is due). The student will receive the top half of the form for their records and the professor will forward the request to Records, 223 North Building.

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