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Guidelines for Submitting an Application




The Hunter College Auxiliary Enterprises Corporation (AEC) has made funds available for college related projects and activities that are directed by faculty, staff and departments. The AEC will fund proposals up to a maximum of $3,500 providing all criteria are met.

Please read the following submission guidelines carefully.  The guidelines have changed from previous years. 

Which Projects/Activities Can Receive AEC Funding?

There are three main categories of projects/activities that can receive AEC funding.

  1. Community Projects/Activities: These projects/activities relate to initiatives aimed at engaging and enhancing the Hunter College Community.
  2. Department Projects/Activities: These projects/activities are directed by individual departments. Past examples include extracurricular education programs, cultural and social programs, and honorarium.
  3. Academically-Based Projects/Activities: These projects/activities relate are part of or an addition of classroom assignments or projects. 

AEC Regulation

  • The AEC does not fund faculty research or travel to conferences.
  • Rates for honoraria (speakers, performers, bands) may not exceed $500 unless approved in advance by the AEC.
  • Activities that meet the Presidential Student Engagement Initiative should NOT request AEC funds.  Funds will not be awarded from both the AEC and Student Engagement.  Please refer to the Student Engagement Initiative web site at to determine what is the most appropriate funding source for your activity. 
  • The AEC does not fund requests for "personal" equipment (i.e. computers or cameras).  Any equipment purchases must be relinquished to an academic or administrative department.
  • Any audio/visual equipment purchased or leased with funding from the AEC must be relinquished to the audio visual department in the North building. Additionally, any equipment costing more than $250 must have the appropriate number of bids and comply with state purchasing guidelines. For more information regarding the bid process, please contact the Purchasing and Contracts Office.
  • Any activity that involves the use of college halls must comply with the requirements governing the use of those halls (i.e., the Assembly Hall, Playhouse, lounge and lecture halls). Additionally, all monies collected or generated from the sale of tickets or contributions to an activity funded by the AEC must be completely accounted for through immediate deposit with the college Business Office. Funds are not to be retained by the organization sponsoring the program. With the approval of the AEC, profits may be credited to the sponsoring organization or department.
  • Individuals requesting a grant cannot request payment to themselves for service rendered.

Who Can Apply for an AEC Grant?

When Can I Apply for an AEC Grant?

The open request period is from June 1st through May 31st.All expenses must be completed by the end of the fiscal year June 30th.

Dates Funds Projects For
Open Request Period 1 June 1st -  May 31 July 1st - June 30th

How Do I Apply?

You may request AEC Funds from your Dean by submitting online via the AEC Application Web Form. Please fill out this form completely.

Filling Out the Form: Please fill out all the information in the Web Form.

  1. Applicant Information: Please provide general information required about you as an applicant.
  2. Project Proposal: Please provide concise and complete information for your project/activity including project title, description, participants and benefits towards the Hunter Community.
  3. Budget Proposal: Please specify expenditures for your project/activity. Categories below consist of specific qualifications for the itemization of expenditures.
    • Contractual Services: Includes advertising and promotion (campus media, outside media); rent (space rental, room set-up fees, security, equipment rental); membership fees; film rental, insurance (type and purpose); printing and postage (items and quantity of tickets, newsletter, notices, books, copy costs, fliers, typesetting, subscriptions, stationery and explain type and purpose).
    • Equipment: Name and model number.
    • Personal Services: Includes honoraria (speakers, performers, bands). By law, social security numbers must be provided when you submit your voucher (include a copy of the social security card).
    • Supplies: Paper, goods, copy.
    • Travel: Includes trips (local travel, auto mileage), registration fees, and bus rental. Include the name of all travelers (a tentative list will do).
  4. Supplemental Documents: You may upload documents at the bottom of the form.

All AEC grant applications must be submitted as a complete application.

All AEC grant applications must be submitted online via the web form during an Open Request Period.

If there are any questions regarding the application process, please e-mail them to

Budget Modifications

  • If you would like to request a budget modification, please send an explanation of your request to
  • All activities must be complete by fiscal year end (June 30th). No projects/activities will be allowed to “roll” into the next year. If you expect your project to extend into the next year, a new proposal request will need to be submitted and approved by the AEC.

How Are Grants Awarded?

  • The AEC reviews and awards all grants in consultation with the Department Chairs/Program Directors and Dean (or Vice President).
  • If awarded, a memo from the Dean will be sent to the applicant and a copy to your Chair or Director.

When Are Grants Awarded?

  • The AEC estimates that requests will take up to several weeks to review and to award or deny the request.
  • You are encouraged to follow up on the status of your request.

Processing Payments for AEC Grants

  • The Dean's Office will process payments through Web Invoicing. Please provide all the necessary receipts, contracts, and payee information to your Dean's Designee.
  • The Dean's Office will process payments from their AEC allocations.  You will need to provide the necessary documents such as contracts, quotes, receipts, etc.
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