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Dr. John Henrik Clarke


This page is dedicated to the memory of Dr. John Henrik Clarke.

Perhaps no other member of the Black community embodied the links of the Pan-African world as coherently as John Henrik Clarke. His devotion to the Pan-African ideal was exemplified through his ability to bring people together throughout the African world. His dedicated involvement in over a dozen international organizations was a testament to his personal commitment to Pan-African unity. He earned the recognition and fellowship of Africans on the continent as well as in the Diaspora.

Dr. Clarke's life became a symbol of the qualities we wish to claim, to emulate, and to engender: commitment, self-reliance, communalism, intelligence, scholarly excellence, determination, discipline, conviction and achievement.

The Africana Sequence of the Department of Africana & Puerto Rican/Latino Studies is indebted to Dr. Clarke for fostering its Pan-African vision and scope of study.

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