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Víctor M. Torres-Vélez

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Dr. Víctor M. Torres-Vélez received his bachelors from the University of Puerto Rico (1996) and his Masters (2003) and Ph.D. (2007) from Michigan State University.  He is a critical medical anthropologist by training, who specializes in gender, justice and environmental change. Dr. Torres-Vélez' interdisciplinary theoretical expertise and interests are diverse. Some of these include: political ecology, development theories, theories of social change, transnationalism, science and technology studies, visual anthropology and contemporary and classical theory. Dr. Torres-Vélez' regional focus is Latin America and the Caribbean, with an emphasis in Puerto Rico.

Dr. Torres-Vélez' research explores people's responses to drastic environmental and public health changes. Particularly, how people make sense of health problems in contexts environmental pollution and widespread chronic diseases. His emphasis on embodied meaning-making practices is used to decipher the triggers behind the emergence of environmental social movements. While Dr. Torres-Vélez' research in Vieques, Puerto Rico, is a contribution to Puerto Rican studies in particular, the research insights are broader for they illustrate similar processes affecting people and places from across the world.

Currently, Dr. Torres-Vélez collaborates with El Centro de Estudios Puertorriqueños developing new research agendas.

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