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Welcome to the Department of Africana & Puerto Rican/Latino Studies

The Department of Africana and Puerto Rican/Latino Studies is an interdisciplinary program in the School of Arts and Sciences. The curriculum of the department, which offers courses in the humanities and social sciences, is devoted to the exploration and analysis of the history and culture of two heritages: the heritage of African people in the Americas, the Caribbean, and Africa; the heritage of Puerto Ricans; and the broader Latino experience in the United States. The multidisciplinary curriculum and the duality of heritages make the structure of the department unique and its curricular offerings challenging. Where it is applicable, the similarities and experiences of the two societies are emphasized but, generally speaking, the curriculum treats the two sequences as separate entities attempting to offer students of all backgrounds an alternative approach to the prevalent Eurocentric perspective.

Dr. Anthony Browne

Department Advisor:
Prof. Joanne H. Edey-Rhodes

Africana Sequence Director:
Prof. Joanne H. Edey-Rhodes

Puerto Rican/Latino Studies Sequence Director:
Dr. Milagros Denis-Rosario

Administrative Assistant:
Ms. Barbara Saunders


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