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Email List

HCAnthro-L is a dedicated anthropology email list established within the Hunter Anthropology Department on 27 October 1998. HCAnthro-L facilitates communication among the anthropological community at Hunter. Announcements of academic events, Anthropology Club activities, and job and funding opportunities, as well as requests for information and discussion of anthropological topics, are all appropriate subjects of mail to HCAnthro-L. It is an open, unmoderated list and all interested persons are cordially invited to subscribe. We especially encourage students in upper-level undergraduate and MA-level courses to join HCAnthro-L.

To subscribe, send an email to with the following command in the body of your message:

subscribe hcanthro-l your_email_address

You will not be able to send this command from one email address to subscribe a different address, and the subscribe command needs to be received on a single line. Check the length of your word wrap if you have difficulty subscribing.