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Andrea L. Baden

Assistant Professor


Tel: (212) 396-6818
Fax: (212) 772-5423
Room: HN 758


B.A. 2003, University of Miami 
M.A. 2006, Stony Brook University 
Ph.D. 2011, Stony Brook University




Andrea Baden is a biological anthropologist with training in primate behavior and molecular ecology. Her research takes an interdisciplinary approach combining traditional fieldwork and molecular genetic techniques to answer larger evolutionary questions regarding primate social and reproductive strategies, with a particular emphasis on the Malagasy strepsirrhines. Current projects include: 1) lemur conservation genetics; 2) the role of kinship in lemur social decisions (e.g., patterns of association and range use); and 3) the mechanisms promoting and maintaining lemur allomaternal infant care. Her fieldwork is based in the eastern rainforests of Madagascar, where she has been conducting research since 2001.

Please visit her lab website for more details, including recent publications, courses, and other information: