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Marc Edelman

Professor (joint appointment with the CUNY Graduate Center)

Tel: +1 212 772-5659 Room: 706 North

Ph.D. Columbia University, 1985

Office hours Fall 2019

AUG. 27-OCT. 18 & NOV. 15-DEC. 13: Tues. & Fri. 10:30am-12:00N or by appointment.

OCT. 22-NOV. 12: Tues. & Fri. 12:30-1:30pm or by appointment.


Areas of Specialization
Economic and political anthropology, historical anthropology, social movements, human rights, development, agrarian studies, Latin America

Overview of Research
Marc Edelman's research and writing have focused on agrarian issues, social movements, and a variety of Latin American topics, including the historical roots of nationalism and contemporary politics. Most of his work has dealt with changing land tenure and land use patterns, production systems, rural class relations, and social movements in Central America. He has a longstanding concern with understanding changing forms of capitalism and with the politics of controlling markets, whether through welfare states, civil society pressure or global trade rules. During the mid 1980s, after seeing his fieldwork zone in northern Costa Rica tragically converted into a staging area for the civil war in Nicaragua, he also carried out research in the USSR and wrote extensively on Soviet-Latin American relations.

Currently, Edelman is working on a project on the history of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Peasants and Other People Working in Rural Areas (UNDROP), which the General Assembly adopted in 2018 after a seventeen-year campaign by transnational agrarian movements and human rights organizations. He was part of the convening group of the Emancipatory Rural Politics Initiative, an international research and action collaborative on authoritarian populism and the rural world. He recently completed a book (in Spanish) on critical agrarian studies, coauthored another book on peasant involvement in global civil society movements and transnational networking among small farmer organizations, and coedited special journal issues on global land grabs, political reactions 'from below' to landgrabbing, and critical perspectives on food sovereignty (all also available in book form).

Edelman has served on the editorial boards of American Anthropologist (Book Review Editor, 2002-5), American Ethnologist (2011-), Anuario de Estudios Centroamericanos (Consejo Editorial Internacional, 2008-), Critique of Anthropology (1998-), Cuadernos de Antropología (Comité Científico, 2009-), Culture, Agriculture, Food and Environment (1995-98, 2013-), Focaal - Journal of Global and Historical Anthropology (2004-), Journal of Agrarian Change (2008-), Journal of Latin American Anthropology (1994-99), Journal of Peasant Studies (Editorial Collective, 2009-), Latin American Research Review (2000-2003), NACLA Report on the Americas (1999-2006), Revue TRACE [Travaux et Recherches dans les Amériques du Centre] (2012-), and Studies in Comparative International Development (2005-).

He chairs the American Anthropological Association's Rapid Response Network on Academic Freedom.


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