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Articles and Chapters

Selected Articles and Book Chapters:

  • -*2011“Organic intellectuals, crossing scales, and the emergence of social movements with respect to AIDS in South Africa” (Presidential Address) American Ethnologist, Volume 38, Issue 4 November, pp.733-742

  • -*2011“Can further placebo-controlled trials of antiretroviral drugs to prevent sexual transmission of HIV be justified?” Louise Kuhn, Ida Susser, Zena Stein, Lancet 2011; 378: 285–87

  • -2011“Gavin Smith’s Selective Hegemonies”  Identities, Jan/Feb2011, Vol. 18 Issue 1, p54-62,

  • -2011“A Comment on Friedman and Rossi’s Dialectics of HIV: Agency, Resistance and Gender” Dialectical anthropology, vol 35, no.4, pp 435-441

  • -2010“Microbicide Success: New Opportunities for Women” Z.Stein and I.Susser  published with responses from specialists in the field, Special Issue of AIDS Legal Quarterly pp.38-56, October

  • -2010“Microbicide Success: Feminism is Essential to Good Science” published online, Open Democracy July,  selected as one of the top ten articles for 2010 and reprinted online December 2010

  • -*2010“The Anthropologist as Social Critic: Working Toward a More Engaged Anthropology,” Current Anthropology  volume 51,S2, April 2010 pp.227-235

  • -2009The Death of Neoliberalism? Prologue,  Rethinking America: The Imperial Homeland in the 21st Century,(eds.) J. Maskovsky and  I. Susser pp. v-ii.

  • -2009“Imperial Moralities” in Rethinking America: The Imperial Homeland in the 21st Century (eds.) J. Maskovsky and I. Susser, pp. 83-101

  • -*2008“Women in the Time of AIDS: Barriers, Bargains and Benefits” J. Mantell , Z. Stein, I. Susser, in AIDS Education and Prevention, 20 (2), pp. 91-106,.

  • -2008“Women’s Autonomy Combats AIDS in the Kalahari,” co-authors I. Susser and R. Lee, Anthropology Now 1(1). pp. 36-43

  • -2008Mujeres Adelante, Special Issue of AIDS Legal Quarterly, Women’s Rights and HIV. Daily  reports  on the International AIDS Conference, Mexico City

  • -*2007Women and AIDS in the Second Millenium Women Studies Quartely, 35 (1,2) pp. 336-344

  • -2007“Confounding Conventional Wisdom: The Ju’/hoansi and HIV/AIDS” I. Susser and R. Lee in Updating the San: Image and Reality of an African People in the 21st Century , (eds) R. Hitchcock, et al., Senri Ethnological Series no. 70, National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka, Japan,  pp.45-61

  • -2006“Working Class Struggles in New York City: From the Neighborhood to the Homeless Shelter” in Rome and New York City: Comparative Urban Problems at the End of the 20th Century eds Victor Goldsmith and Eugenio Sonnino, Casa Editrice Universita, La Sapienza, pp.151-171

  • -2006“The Other Side of Development: HIV/AIDS among Men and Women in Ju/’hoansi Villages”in The Politics of Egalitarianism: Theory and Practice, Jacqueline Solway (ed.), Berghahn Books, pp. 205-223

  • -*2006“Global Visions and Grassroots Movements: an anthropological perspective,”  International Journal of Urban and Regional ResearchI 30(1) March, pp. 212-218

  • -2006“Women at Toronto 2006 International AIDS Society Meetings” Anthropology News 47(8) pp. 21-22

  • -2005“ From the Cosmopolitan to the Personal: women’s mobilization with respect to HIV/AIDS” In Social Movements: An Anthropological Reader, June Nash (ed) Blackwell pp.272-285

  • -2003“An Anthropological Take on the Aftermath of 9/11: Introduction to special issue on  9/11 2001” Critique of Anthropology ,.24(1) pp. 5-7

  • -*2003“Ju/’hoansi Survival  in the face of HIV: questions of  poverty and gender, Anthropologica  45, pp. 121-8

  • -2003“Wounded Cities: Destruction and Reconstruction in a Globalized World”  I. Susser and  J. Schneider, in Wounded Cities, J. Schneider and I. Susser (eds) Berg pp.1-25

  • -2002"Losing Ground: Advancing Capitalism and the Relocation of Working Class Communities"  Locating Capitalism in Time and Space: Global  Restructurings, Politics, and Identity, D. Nugent (ed.).Stanford University Press, Palo Alto, CA, pp. 274-290

  • -2002“Manuel Castells: Conceptualising the City in the Information Age”, The Castells Reader on Cities and Social Theory  (ed.) I.Susser ,Blackwell Publishers, Malden, Ma, pp. 1-13

  • -*2002“The Health Rights of Women in the Age of AIDS”  International Journal of Epidemiology  31, pp.45-48

  • -*2001“Sexual Negotiations in relation to Political Mobilization: the prevention of HIV in comparative context”  in The Journal of AIDS and Behavior. June 5(2), pp. 163-172

  • -*2000“Culture, Sexuality and Women’s Agency in the Prevention of HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa” co-authors I. Susser and  Z. Stein,  American Journal of Public Health, July v.90(7) pp.1042-1049

  • -2000“Cultural Diversity in the United States” in Cultural Diversity in the United States. I. Susser and T. Patterson, (Eds.). Blackwell Publishers, Malden, MA, pp.3-15

  • -*1999"Inequality, Violence and Gender Relations in a Global City: New York, 1986-96" in special issue on "Gendered Violence," Mary Anglin (ed.).Identities: Global Studies in Culture and Power 5 (2), pp.219-248

  • -*1997"The Flexible Woman: Regendering Labor in the Informational Society," in special issue on “The New World (Dis)order”, Critique of Anthropology 17(4), pp. 389-402.

  • -1997"Social Theory and Social Class" in Social Inequalities and Cancer,                                              M. Kogevinas, N. Pearce, M. Susser and P.Boffetta (eds.), International Agency for Social Research on Cancer, Scientific Publications, No. 138, World Health Organization, Geneva, pp. 41-51.

  • -1997"Community Organizing Around HIV Prevention in Rural Puerto Rico" I.Susser and J.Kreniske in The Anthropology of AIDS in Africa and the Caribbean, George Bond, John Kreniske, Ida Susser, Joan Vincent (eds)., Westview Press, Boulder, CO,. pp.51-65

  • -1997“Flexible Women and the Lives of Children in the Informational Society,” in The New Urban Marginality in the Dual Metropolis: Poor Urban Youths in France and the United States, Manuel Castells and Eric Klinenberg (eds.), Research Monograph, Center for Western European Studies, University of Berkeley, 107-117.

  • -*1996"The Construction of Poverty and Homelessness in U.S. Cities," Annual Reviews in Anthropology 25, pp.411-435.    

  • -*1996"The Shaping of Conflict in the Space of Flows" in special issue on "Anthropological Perspectives on the Informational society", Critique of Anthropology 16(1), pp. 39-49.   

  • -*1993"Creating Family Forms: The Exclusion of Men and Teenage Boys From    Families in the New York City Shelter System. 1987-91", in Critique of Anthropology, 13(3), pp. 267-285.1999/2002: Reprinted in Urban Anthropology Reader, Setha Low (ed.), Rutgers University Press, New Brunswick, NJ, pp. 67-82.

  • -*1992“Sex, Drugs and Videotape: The Prevention of HIV in a Homeless Men’s Shelter,” Medical Anthropology, Susser, I. and M. Alfredo Gonzalez, 14, pp. 307-322.

  • -1991"The Separation of Mothers and Children in New York City: 1968-88" in The Dual City , John Mollenkopf and Manuel Castells (eds.), Russell Sage Foundation, New York, pp. 207-225. 

  • -1991"Women as Leaders:  An Environmental Health Struggle in Rural Puerto Rico"  in The Global Factory: Anthropological Perspectives, Frances  Rothstein and Michael Blim (eds.), Bergin and Garvey, Westport, CT, pp. 206-220.

  • -1989"Gender in the Anthropology of the United States"  Anthropology and Gender, Sandra Morgen (ed.), American Anthropology Association Publications, pp. 343-359.

  • -1988"Working Class Women, Social Protest and Changing Ideologies" in  Women and the Politics of Empowerment, Anne Bookman and Sandra Morgen (eds.), Temple University Press, Philadelphia, pp. 257-272.

  • -1987“The Welfare Trap: A Public Policy for Deprivation" I.Susser and J.  Kreniske in Cities of the United States:Studies in Urban Anthropology,  L. Mullings (ed.), Columbia University Press, New York City, pp. 51-68.

  • -*1986"Political Activity Among Working Class Women in a U.S. City," American Ethnologist, 13(1), pp. 108-117.

  • -*1985"Union Carbide and the Community Surrounding it:The Case of a Community in Puerto Rico," International Journal of Health Services, 15(4), pp. 561-583.

  • -1984"Destructive Engagement:  Black Health in South Africa," ( Guttmacher, S. and I. Susser)
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