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most recent books are:

-2012 Norman Street: Poverty and Politics in an Urban Neighborhood (Updated Edition) (Oxford), explores working class consciousness, racism, ethnic identities and gender in the emergence of social movements in Greenpoint- Williamsburg Brooklyn sparked by the New York City fiscal crisis of 1975, as the first neoliberal experiment (documented in her first ethnography, Norman Street 1982). Norman Street “Claiming the Right to the City” opens with the dramatic failures of neoliberalism which resulted in the recession of 2007 and analyses  the changing class, race and ethnic relations  among old and new residents, and  the contestation of neoliberal policies including Mayor Bloomberg’s plans for the new condominium waterfront housing.
         It documents the displacement of the Latino/a population through gentrification over the past decades as well as the collaboration of artists, actors, dancers, theater directors, writers and working class people in mobilizing to improve environmental and living conditions. All these were threatened by the 2005 rezoning process instigated by Mayor Bloomberg to attract major corporate investors and an upscale international elite.  The Updated edition follows the battle to save the affordable housing, diverse population, parks, swimming pool and  riverfront  views which the community  had created.

-2009 AIDS, Sex and Culture: Global Politics and Survival in Southern Africa (Wiley Blackwell)  an analysis of the gendered framing of scientific research at the global scale and the interaction between ideologies at the national scale and the emergence of counter-hegemonic movements from local recognitions of mortality. On the basis of ethnographic fieldwork in South Africa and Namibia, including among the San of the Kalahari, Susser discusses the role of organic intellectuals as the mediators of knowledge and praxis from the local to the national and the global as well as from the global to the local.

-2012 Norman Street, Updated Edition “ Claiming the Right to New York City”, Oxford University Press, NY, NY
-2009 AIDS, Sex and Culture: Global  Politics and Survival  in Southern Africa. Wiley Blackwell Publications, Malden, MA. pp. i-xxiii, 1- 277. ( hardcover and paperback).Recipient of Eileen Basker Award for Research on Women and Health, Society for Medical Anthropology, November 2011.
-2003 Medical Anthropology in the World System, 2nd Edition
Praeger Publishers, Westport (CT) co-authors H. Baer, M.Singer, I.Susser, pp.i-x, 1-276 (hardcover and paperback)
(expected 2013) Medical Anthropology in the World System, 3rd edition,  co-authors H. Baer and M. Singer and I. Susser,  Praeger Publishers, Westport (CT), in preparation

Edited Books:

-2009 Rethinking America: The Imperial Homeland in the 21st Century. Paradigm Press, Boulder, CO. ,(eds) J. Maskovsky,  and I. Susser, pp. i-xii, 1-336 (hardcover and paperback)
-2003 Wounded Cities: Destruction and Reconstruction in a Globalized World  Berg Publishers, (eds) J. Schneider,  and I. Susser, p. i-xv, 1-31( hardcover and paperback)
-2002 The Castells Reader on Cities and Social Theory  (ed.) I.Susser ,Blackwell Publishers, Malden, Ma, pp. i-xi, 1-420 (hardcover and paperback)
Also, translated into Spanish, La Sociologia Urbana de Manuel Castells, Alianza Editorial, Madrid, (ed.) I. Susser, p. 1-526 (hardcover and paperback)
2000 Cultural Diversity in the Anthropology of the United States:A Critical. Reader, (Eds.) I. Susser and T. Patterson, sponsored by the American. Anthropological Association, Blackwell Publishers, Malden, MA,pp. i-xvii, 1-476 (hardcover and paperback)
-1997 The Anthropology of AIDS in Africa and the Caribbean, Westview Press, Boulder, CO, co-edited  G. Bond,  J. Kreniske, I. Susser and J. Vincent, pp. i-xv,1-234 (hardcover and paperback)
-1982 Norman Street:  Poverty and Politics in an Urban Neighborhood. Oxford University Press, New York.pp.i-x, 1- 230. (hardcover and paperback).  Reviewed in the American Ethnologist, Man (The Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute) and other social science journals. Cited as a classic and founding text of urban anthropology of the U.S. (Low, 1996, Annual Reviews of Anthropology 5: 383-409).  With the film Metropolitan Avenue, Norman Street was the subject of a retrospective panel at the American Anthropological Association, 2009 “Grassroots Activism and Fiscal Crisis: A Celebration of Metropolitan Avenue and Norman Street”


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