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Elizabeth Harmon

Elizabeth Harmon, Paleoanthropologist, 1965-2009


Harmon, E.

Though her time at Hunter College was brief, Professor Harmon made a profound impact on the Department of Anthropology at Hunter College.  As a prominent paleoanthropologist, Harmon led field expeditions to the Rift Valley of Ethiopia and conducted exciting research on the hominin hindlimb.  In conjunction with this work, Harmon was also a talented and influential teacher and mentor.  Harmon was especially dedicated to advising students in our Masters Program in Anthropology, and inspired many to pursue research careers in biological anthropology.  In addition, Harmon was an exceptional friend and wise colleague, always willing to provide support and advice.  Though her effervescent spirit and ceaseless energy can never be replaced, Harmon's contributions to our lives will remain a cherished memory for her colleagues, friends, and students at Hunter College and beyond.

For information on the Elizabeth Harmon Memorial Scholarship at the Institute for Human Origins at Arizona State University (Elizabeth's alma mater, Ph. D. 2005) please contact Bill Kimbell

Professor Harmon's Obituary

Professor Harmon's Publications


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