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Megan Merry McCormick



McCormick, Megan


Megan Merry McCormick (BA, MA Anthropology, Western Washington University) has conducted archaeological fieldwork and research in India, Pakistan, Turkey, and the Pacific Northwest Coast of North America.  She spent a semester as an undergraduate student in Inner Mongolia.   Since 2005, for her dissertation research, she has been involved in a long-term project in association with Deccan College Post-Graduate and Research Institute, Pune, India, studying the production, use, and deposition of pottery at the prehistoric site of Gilund in southeastern Rajasthan. This large complex settlement was occupied during the third and second millennia BCE.

Her research interests include (but are not confined to):  South and Central Asian Prehistory and History, Archaeologies of Gender, Gender Studies, Ethnoarchaeology, Pottery Analysis, Women and Warfare, Human-Animal Interactions in Prehistory, Archaeology of Colonialism, Subaltern Studies,  Islam, Buddhism, Orientalism,  the Archaeology of the Proto-historic and Historic Indigenous Northern Pacific Rim Metal Trade, and the History, Art and Archaeology of the Silk Road.     

She has been teaching Anthropology, Archaeology, and Gender Studies for more than two decades.  Along with her dissertation, she is writing a book about the WAVES,  women who served in the U.S. Navy during World War II (working title is My Mother the Tail Gunner --Navy Women's Narratives of World War Two).  She is also an artist and Illustrator.




IAWAWSA (International Association for Women Archaeologists Working in South Asia)

SOSAA (Society of South Asian Archaeology)


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