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Guidelines for Preparation of the Master's Thesis

Thesis Proposal

The thesis proposal should be brief. It should contain (not necessarily in this order): (1) a statement of hypotheses or research questions; (2) an outline of methods or procedures that will address the hypotheses or research questions; (3) an argument for the significance of the proposed research; (4) a preliminary list of sources; and (5) a short outline of the proposed thesis. The proposal and outline may be modified during the research and writing period with the approval of the candidate's faculty sponsor.


Thesis Sponsor and Second Reader

The candidate must select a thesis sponsor who is a full-time member of the Hunter Anthropology faculty. The faculty sponsor must approve the thesis proposal by signing the cover page. The candidate should then give a copy of the approved proposal to the Graduate Advisor. The second reader of the thesis should be selected in consultation with the faculty sponsor. She or he may be a Hunter faculty member or somebody else with relevant expertise who agrees to serve as a reader.


Thesis Format

Two copies of the approved thesis must be deposited in the Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences. The thesis should be prepared according to the guidelines of the School of Arts and Sciences. It should be printed or photocopied in clear, dark ink on high quality 8.5" X 11" white bond paper. Do not use very small, very large or other unusual fonts. The left margin must be 1.5" to permit binding; other margins should be one inch. Text should be double-spaced, with the exception of footnotes, endnotes and bibliography, which may be single-spaced. Quotations of more than four lines should be indented. Unless the thesis sponsor and the candidate decide otherwise, citations should follow the style of the American Anthropologist. Diacritical marks and terms in non-Roman letters should, as much as possible, be inserted using a word processing program rather than written in ink on the text. Charts, graphs and maps must be done in black ink; if color is essential, make identical color copies for each copy of the thesis. Poor copies of graphics and photographs are not acceptable. Pages, including all tables and illustrations, must be numbered. The title page should use the format of the attached sample. The latest edition of the Chicago Manual of Style is a good source for answering other stylistic questions relating to the thesis.

The first page of the thesis should bear the title of the thesis, the name of the candidate, the year of completion, the names and signatures of the thesis sponsor and second reader, and the following inscription:

Submitted in partial fulfillment
of the requirements for the degree of
Master of Arts
Hunter College of the City University of New York

Also see the title page template in MS Word format.

Submission of First Draft

The candidate should normally allow at least four weeks for the sponsor and second reader to comment on the first draft. The submission date is determined by the sponsor in consultation with the candidate and the second reader.


Submission of Final Draft

The candidate must submit the final draft to the thesis sponsor at least three weeks before the deadline for deposit of the approved thesis in the Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences. The thesis sponsor and the second reader sign both copies of the thesis title page. The Director of Graduate Studies then signs the thesis approval form. Deadlines for deposit are listed in the Hunter College Academic Calendar. They are usually approximately one month before graduation.


Binding Fee

The candidate is required to pay a thesis binding fee at the Bursar's Office. The receipt must accompany the copies of the thesis deposited at the Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences.


Deposit of Approved Thesis

The candidate must complete the upper portion of the Thesis Approval Form and bring the form and the completed thesis to the Anthropology Department Graduate Advisor. The following must then be deposited at the Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences (812 Hunter East): (1) Two copies of the thesis with the appropriate signatures on the title page; (2) the binding receipt from the Bursar's Office; and (3), the completed Thesis Approval Form with the Graduate Advisor's signature. The title page of both deposit copies must be signed by the advisor and the second reader.

Once the Dean has signed the Thesis Approval Form, the original will be sent to Graduate Audit in the Registrar's Office as official notification of fulfillment of the thesis requirement. A copy of the form will also be sent to the candidate. The Dean's Office will then forward the two copies of the thesis to the Hunter College Library, where they will be catalogued and placed in the collection.



Publications based in whole or in part on the thesis should acknowledge that the research was undertaken for a MA thesis in the Department of Anthropology, Hunter College, City University of New York.

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