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Communication and Social Interaction Wednesday 5:30-7:20 PM Room: HN 710 Instructor: Ignasi Clemente Pesudo

ANTHC 401.39/ ANTH 771.55/ ENGLISH 333.65

Social interaction is the most basic form of human communication and the basic ground of human sociality. This course will be divided in a theoretical and a practical component.

First, and drawing theoretically from Conversation Analysis, Linguistic Anthropology, Psychology, Human Development, and Communication studies, students will be introduced to the following: (1) research methods and ethics, and transcription theory; (2) multiple sequential organizations of social interaction (i.e. turn-taking, adjacency pair, sequence, preference, person-reference, repair); (3) simultaneous multimodality (i.e. embodied communication and semiosis in the material world); (4) situated communication (i.e. ordinary vs. institutional talk); (5) social interaction and cognition across the life-span of human development; and (6) the "context relevance," "autonomy claim," and "meaning" controversies.

Second we will analyze naturalistic occurring communication using video-recordings and transcripts both collectively and individually.




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