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The Department of Anthropology at Hunter College announces the creation of the DART Program to support undergraduate and graduate research and training. The DART Program will support approximately 5 students per year for research and training with average grants of $1,000.00.

The Department of Anthropology Research and Training (DART) Program
Department of Anthropology, Hunter College CUNY
695 Park Avenue, New York NY 10021 USA
Tel. (212) 772 5410 / Fax (212) 772 5423 URL

1. Applicants for DART support must be matriculated students of the Department of Anthropology.

2. They may be undergraduates, participants in the BA/MA Program, or MA students.

3. Their interests may be in any or several of the four fields of anthropology: archaeology, cultural
anthropology, linguistic anthropology, and physical anthropology.

4. They must be U.S. citizens.

5. Prior recipients of DART support may reapply.

Types of Projects:
1. Participation in fieldwork, including field schools or membership in the field projects of another
Principal Investigator

2. Exploratory fieldwork to assess the potential of an area / topic for a future field project

3. A field project, in which the student is the Principal Investigator

4. Projects involving human subjects will require approval by the Institutional Review Board of the

Funding Process:

The fund will be administered by the Committee on Personnel and Budget of the Department of

1. Each applicants shall submit a 3 - 5 page proposal in addition to a budget via email attachment to the
department by Wednesday April 1, 2015. Mail to:

2. Each proposal should be supported by a full time member of the Department faculty. A statement of
support should be emailed directly by the faculty member to the above address.

3. The list of DART recipients will be announced on or before May 1, 2015.

5. At the conclusion of a project, the recipient shall submit a formal report of project results to the

Contact Information:
For further information or to submit proposals contact:
Ida Susser
Chair, Dept. of Anthropology

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