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DART Program

The Department of Anthropology Research and Training Program supports undergraduate and graduate level research and training in anthropology.

The Department of Anthropology Research and Training (DART) Program supports undergraduate and graduate research and training across the four fields of anthropology. The DART Program supports apporximately 5 students annually with average grants of $500-$1000.



  1. Applicants for DART Program support must be matriculated students of the Department of Anthropology.
  2. They may be undergraduates, participants in the BA/MA Program or Master’s students.
  3. Their interests may be in anthropological archaeology, cultural anthropology, linguistic anthropology or physical anthropology.
  4. Prior recipients of DART Program support may reapply.

Type of Projects

  1. Participation in fieldwork, including fieldschools or membership in the field project of another Principal Investigator.
  2. Exploratory fieldwork to assess the potential of an area / topic for a full field project.
  3. Field Project, in which the student is the Principal Investigator.

Funding Process

The DART Program will be administered by the Committee on Personnel and Budget of The Department of Anthropology.

  1. Students should submit 3 - 5 page proposals in addition to a budget by email attachment to the department chair. Deadlines are generally early in the Spring semester and are announced in a call for proposals sent to the Department's email list serv, HCAnthro-L.
  2. Each proposal should be accompanied by a letter of support from a member of the department faculty [holders of the PhD only].
  3. The list of DART Program recipients will generally be announced about two weeks after the application deadline.
  4. At the conclusion of a project, the recipient shall submit a brief report of project results to the Department.


For further information or to submit proposals, contact:
Ida Susser
Chair, Dept. of Anthropology