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General Anthropology

The Anthropology Minor provides students an overview of the discipline through survey courses in each of the four primary subfields of anthropology.  It is designed to help students appreciate the significance of, and relations between, language, biology, and culture, for human beings past and present.  The minor consists of four courses for a total of 13 credits.  In order to graduate with an Anthropology Minor, students must earn a C grade or better in the following four required courses:

ANTHP 101 Human Evolution (4 cr.)
ANTHC 101 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (3 cr.)
ANTHC 126 Introduction to Prehistoric Archaeology (3 cr.)
ANTHC 151 Introduction to Linguistics (3 cr.)

See the Hunter undergraduate catalog for more information.

Students will acquire a general familiarity with the four primary subfields of American anthropology and their contributions to our understanding of the human condition. This includes familiarity with the role of language, biology, and culture in the lives of humans past and present.

An Anthropology Minor will provide Hunter College students with an awareness of the potential interaction between biological and cultural factors in shaping the human condition.  It will also provide an appreciation of  the breadth, depth and diversity of the human condition.  Students with diverse career interests, from medicine to education could benefit from this exposure.

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