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Physical Anthropology

The Physical Anthropology Minor introduces students to the study of human evolution, including human variation, paleontology, genetics, and primatology.  The Minor consists of 12 or more credits. These must include ANTHP 101 Human Evolution (4 Cr).  The remaining credits can be filled by any ANTHP courses.  Also, one (and only one) non-ANTHP course from the following list may count towards the minor.  In order to graduate with a Physical Anthropology Minor, students must earn a C grade or better in all the courses counted towards the minor.

Required course for the Minor:
ANTHP 101 Human Evolution (4 Cr)  and

8 or more credits from any of the following courses (only one non-ANTHP may be used for the Physical Anthropology Minor):

ANTHP Courses

ANTHP 301 Human Fossil Record (3 Cr).
     Prereq: ANTHP 101, 102, or equiv.

ANTHP 302 Human Genetics (3 Cr).
     Prereq: ANTHP 101, 102, or BIOL 102

ANTHP 310 Primate Ecology and Behavior (3 Cr).
     Prereq: ANTHP 101, 102, or equiv.
ANTHP 311 Primate Evolution (3 Cr).
     Prereq: ANTHP 101 or perm instr.

ANTHP 312 Primate Evolutionary Genetics (3 Cr).
     Prereq: ANTHP 101 or ANTHP 102 or BIOL 102

ANTHP 316 Human Evolutionary Adaptations (3 Cr).
     Prereq: ANTHP 101 or 102 or BIOL 100 or 102

ANTHP 401 Seminars in Selected Topics (3 Cr).
     Prereq: depends on topic

Other courses can be counted for the minor outside of these listed it varies based on the semester.

Non-ANTHP  Courses
ANTHC 126 Introduction to Prehistoric Archaeology (3 Cr)
BIOL 100 Principles of Biology 1 (4.5 Cr)
BIOL 120 Anatomy and Physiology I (4.5 Cr)
GEOL 101 Fundamentals of Geology (4.5 Cr)
PSYC 160 Evolution and Behavior (3 Cr)

Students will acquire a familiarity with the subfield of anthropology concerned with human evolution.  This includes familiarity with living human adaptations, the human fossil record, human anatomy, primatology, and evolutionary theory.

A Physical Anthropology Minor will provide Hunter College students with a short introduction to humans and our evolutionary history.  Physical anthropology is a synthetic field that both draws on and complements other majors, such as biology and psychology.  A Physical Anthropology Minor will offer students a short program that will act as a significant supplement to these major programs.

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