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Pathways & Pluralism and Diversity requirement courses

Pathways Courses in Anthropology

ANTHC 10000 Cultural Diversity in the US Pathways·Flexible·Core - US Experience in Its Diversity·

ANTHC 10100 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Pathways·Flexible·Core - Individual and Society·

ANTHP 10100 Human Evolution Pathways Required Core - Life and Physical Sciences OR Scientific World

ANTHP 10200 Human Variation Pathways·Required·Core - Life and Physical Sciences OR Scientific World

ANTHP 10500 Human Species Pathways·Required·Core - Life and Physical Sciences OR Scientific World

ANTHC 12600 Introduction to Prehistoric Archaeology Pathways·Flexible·Core - World Cultures and Global Issues

ANTHC 12700 Methods in Archaeological Science Pathways Flexible Core - Scientific World

ANTHC 151 Introduction to Linguistics Pathways·Flexible·Core - World Cultures and Global Issues

The Pluralism & Diversity Requirement

In 1993, the College formulated a Pluralism and Diversity supplement to the then undergraduate distribution requirements (now known as the Core requirement). This 12-hour requirement insures that students will have at least one course in each of four areas defined as:

  1. PD/A a course which focuses on historical and intellectural issues comprising the study of non-European cultures or their political/economic systems, especially those of Africa, Asia, or those indigenous to the Americas;
  2. PD/B a course that focuses on the perspectives and contributions of one or more of the following groups in the United States of America: African-Americans, Asian Americans, Latino Americans, and Native Americans;
  3. PD/C a course that focuses on the perspectives and concerns of women and/or issues of gender/sexual orientation;
  4. PD/D a course that focuses on major issues - artistic, literary, practical or theoretical - reflected in the intellectual traditions of, or primarily derived from Europe;
  5. Further courses that satisfy the Pluralism and Diversity Requirement may simultaneously meet a student's Core Requirement or courses necessary for a major or minor area of study. While some courses may be listed in more than one group of the P&D requirement, students will be able to apply such a course to only one of the four areas.


Selected Pluralism & Diversity Courses in Anthropology

This list is for illustrative purposes and not comprehensive.
Check with the Undergraduate Advisor for current and planned course offerings that meet P&D requirements.

For approved courses see the current Hunter undergraduate catalog.

Group 1: Non-European Cultures PD/A
ANTHC 101.00
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
most Cultural Anthropology & Archaeology Courses
Group 2: U.S. Minorities PD/B
ANTHC 211.00
Peoples and Cultures of Native North America
ANTHC 320.89
Archaeology of Mexico and Central America
ANTHC 401.87 Immigrant Employment in NYC
ANTHC 426.59
Archaeology of North America
Group 3: Women, Gender / Sexual Orientation PD/3
ANTHC 301.00 Sex and Gender in Anthropological Perspective
ANTHC 320.76 Language, Sex and Gender
ANTHC 320.93 Women of East Asia
Group 4: European Intellectual Tradition PD/4
ANTHC 227.00 Archaeology of Europe
ANTHC 318.00 History of Anthropological Theory
ANTHC 401.80 Transition in Eastern Europe
ANTHC 426.60 Archaeology of Colonialism
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