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Anthropology Major

UndergradThe anthropology major gives a student an overview of the discipline as well as training in all four subfields (ARCHEOLOGY, BIOLOGICAL ANTHROPOLOGY, CULTURAL ANTHROPOLGY, LINGUSTIC ANTHROPOLOGY). The major consists of 25 credits, while a minor in anthropology consists of 12 credits.  Anthropology majors often select sociology, history, education, language, biology, geology, psychology, art, art history and classics as suitable minors or as double majors. It is also possible to minor in one of the foursubfields of anthropology by combining relevant courses from Anthropology and other departments. The minor for the anthropology major is selected after consultation with the undergraduate advisor or chair.


Course Requirements for the Undergraduate Major

Field Courses
ANTHC 126.00
ANTHC 151.00
History of Anthropological Theory
ANTHC 318.00
Biological Anthropology ANTHP 101.00

Research Design
ANTHC 314.00
Elective courses selected from the above fields
Total for the Major


In order to declare a major in Anthropology, students are required to have earned a C grade or better in one course in Anthropology.

Please note that while ANTHC 101 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology is a prerequisite for many anthropology courses, it cannot be counted toward the major.

Only courses in which the student  has earned a C grade or better can be counted toward the major.

Many students take fieldwork courses or independent study for credit; please note that it is our policy to allow three credits each of fieldwork, independent study, or honors work if the student elects to take such courses, but not more than three in any one category.

Major Advisor: Professor Jonathan Shannon

The Pluralism and Diversity Requirement

In 1993, the College formulated a Pluralism and Diversity supplement to the then undergraduate distribution requirements (now known as the Core requirement). This 12-hour requirement insures that students will have at least one course in each of four areas defined as:

  1. PD/A a course which focuses on historical and intellectural issues comprising the study of non-European cultures or their political/economic systems, especially those of Africa, Asia, or those indigenous to the Americas;
  2. PD/B a course that focuses on the perspectives and contributions of one or more of the following groups in the United States of America: African-Americans, Asian Americans, Latino Americans, and Native Americans;
  3. PD/C a course that focuses on the perspectives and concerns of women and/or issues of gender/sexual orientation;
  4. PD/D a course that focuses on major issues - artistic, literary, practical or theoretical - reflected in the intellectual traditions of, or primarily derived from Europe;
  5. Further courses that satisfy the Pluralism and Diversity Requirement may simultaneously meet a student's Core Requirement or courses necessary for a major or minor area of study. While some courses may be listed in more than one group of the P&D requirement, students will be able to apply such a course to only one of the four areas.


Selected Pluralism & Diversity Courses in Anthropology

This list is for illustrative purposes and not comprehensive. Check with the Undergraduate Advisor for current and planned course offerings that meet P&D requirements.

Group 1: Non-European Cultures PD/A
ANTHC 101.00
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
most Cultural Anthropology & Archaeology Courses
Group 2: U.S. Minorities PD/B
ANTHC 211.00
Peoples and Cultures of Native North America
ANTHC 320.89
Archaeology of Mexico and Central America
ANTHC 401.87 Immigrant Employment in NYC
ANTHC 426.59
Archaeology of North America
Group 3: Women, Gender / Sexual Orientation PD/3
ANTHC 301.00 Sex and Gender in Anthropological Perspective
ANTHC 320.76 Language, Sex and Gender
ANTHC 320.93 Women of East Asia
Group 4: European Intellectual Tradition PD/4
ANTHC 227.00 Archaeology of Europe
ANTHC 318.00 History of Anthropological Theory
ANTHC 401.80 Transition in Eastern Europe
ANTHC 426.60 Archaeology of Colonialism
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