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Combined BA/MA Program

Please note: The BA-MA Program is currently suspended while the degree requirements are being updated.


A special feature of the Hunter Anthropology Department is the innovative BA/MA program. This program is designed to permit a small group of highly motivated undergraduates to begin graduate study before completing their undergraduate degrees. Basically the program allows students to pursue the MA degree as part of the undergraduate curriculum by substituting graduate courses for electives in their degree programs. Participants in the program fulfill all the requirements for the BA and MA degrees in Anthropology.

The total number of credits taken by the student is 130, ten more than the minimum required for the BA degree. Of the 130 total credits required, at least 30 must be graduate credits (the same number of course credits required of a student admitted as a matriculate graduate student with a BA in hand). Graduate courses may fulfill undergraduate major requirements with the exception of AN-P 101 & 102 (Lab Science).

Students in combined programs will pay undergraduate tuition rates up to the number of credits required to earn a baccalaureate degree in that particular program. Any credits in excess of that number toward the combined degree are billed at the graduate level. Therefore, the student will pay the graduate tuition rate for all credits beyond the 120 needed for the BA degree, in this case, the ten additional credits needed to reach the 130 credits for the BA/MA.

Because of time required to complete the MA thesis, most students find it necessary to extend their undergraduate career beyond what it might otherwise be.

Applicants to the BA/MA program must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.25 (B+) and an average of 3.5 in their Anthropology courses. Students must apply to the program early in their academic careers, usually before beginning the junior year. Prospective applicants are interviewed by both the undergraduate and graduate advisors, and must supply two additional faculty references, a statement of purpose, and a certified transcript. Admission follows review by a departmental committee including both advisors.

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