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Summer 2014 Course Offerings

1. Latin American Society and Culture 2. Urban Anthropology 3. Anthropology of Food 4. Magic, Witchcraft and Religion

Latin American Society and Culture
Instructor: Rafael Munoz
To survey significant aspects of Latin American Society and culture such as ethnic, class, race and gender relations; nation-state formation and nationalism; neoliberal economic policies and alternatives to neoliberalism

Urban Anthropology
Intructor: Filip Stabrowski
With the explosive growth of cities across the planet, our need to make sense of the causes and consequences of the seemingly chaotic processes of urbanization has become eve more urgent.  Cities have been described as, varioulsy: command and control centers of global capitalism; founts of culture and creativity; loci of political power and emerging social movments; and spaces of new kinds of "commons"; or, alternatively: sources of environmental degradation; dens of crime and corruption; the battlefields of the "wars on terror" ; and warehouses for surplus humanity.  Anthropologists have long been engaged with exploring the urban experience, and interpreting citi life.  In this course we will look at both "classic" and Contemporary ethnographic approaches to the urban, drawing upon not just the work of anthropologists, but also that of critical geographers and sociolists.

Anthropology of Food
Instructor: Brenda Biddle
The course looks at contemporary problems in the global food system, as well as some of the proposed solutions, both local and global.  The theme of the course is food justice and we will pay particular attention to those who produce food and their role in creating change,.  There will be several field trips to explore local food justice intiatives.

Magic, Witchcraft and Religion
Instructor: Pilar Rau
Introduction to anthropological study of religion. Theories about religions's origins and its function in understanding the natural world. Role of religion in human understanding of death, conflict and change in religion,  finding ritual in witchcraft, and magic in traditonal medicine.

Africa: Society and Culture
Instructor: Helen Panagiotopoulos
Critical look at the historical and contemporary processes - focussig on the development of the state, religion, race, gender, urbanization and transnational movmemt.