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Arnhold Alumni LEAD

In May of 2014, AGDEP established Arnhold Alumni LEAD (Leadership in Education and Artistry through Dance) to promote a commitment to lifelong learning, while strengthening community among dance educators.

In a special ceremony held in Hunter's Zabar Art Library, Jody Arnhold presented our 2014 graduating class with a pin representing the central tenants of Arnhold Alumni LEAD: 

  • A - Arnhold Scholar, Arnhold Graduate Dance Education Program
  • Triangle – Artist, Educator, Scholar
  • Infinity Sign – Never ending commitment to lifelong learning and leadership in dance
  • Pearl – The world/universe and the Hunter motto, Mihi cura future – “The care of the future is mine.” The oyster shell protects and nurtures the precious pearl. Arnhold Alumni go forth caring for the precious future of dance artistry, education, and scholarship.
  • Circle – The unbreakable bond built at Hunter within the AGDEP community and the continuous circle of commitment as alumni go forth as the leaders in dance education


We congratulate the inaugaural members of Arnhold Alumni LEAD: LEAD President Yulanda Knights, Kelly Garcia, Elizabeth Gosselin, Danielle Harris, Danielle Nicolosi, and Christina Stampolis. These inspiring, passionate educators deomonstrate excellence in dance artistry, education, and scholarship. They will go forward from Hunter to care for the legacy of dance and future generations of those inspired by dance.


L to R: Daniell Harris, Christina Stampolis, Danielle Nicolosi, Kelly Garcia, Elisabeth Gosselin, Jody Arnhold, Kathleen Isaac, and Yulanda Knights


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Student Spotlight

Student Spotlight 2018

Congratulations to graduates, Lauren Alifano, Rebecca Archer, Carmel Bernardo, Vanessa Giordano, Nicole Kadar, Laura Little & Angela Reid.
This AGDEP cohort, celebrates after recieving their Arnhold graduation pins. Jody Arnhold presented a pin to each graduate, signifying his/her induction into the Arnhold LEAD initiative as each promise to live up to the Hunter College motto, "Mihi Cura Futuri," The care of the future is mine. Joining the celebration are Hunter College President, Jenifer Raab, Hunter Dance Department Chair, Carol Walker, Dean Andrew Polsky and AGDEP Director, Kathleen Isaac.As artists, educators and scholars, each AGDEP graduate enters into a never ending commitment to lifelong learning and leadership in dance.

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