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Exchange Students

We are so excited for you to join our program!  The following are something you should know:

  • Because of strict CUNY policy you will be asked to submit immunization records before we can register you for courses.  You will be contacted by the Exchange Program advisor regarding these documents.
  • Consider joining the MFASO listserve.  It is where our students exchange informaiton about all sorts of things including housing and events:
  • The department will assign you courses based on your portfolio.  BFA students will be registred for the 6 credit BFA class while MFA students will be registered for a Seminar (group critique with class run by a professor) and a Tutorial (one on one meeting with a professor).  If your home program requires you take any courses beyond the required Seminar and Tutorial you must let our office know prior to your coming to the U.S.  Hunter reserves the right to deny any requests form additional course work.  While we respect and support your explorations in the U.S. attendance to all courses during your time at Hunter is mandatory barring illness.  Skipping classes is disruptive to the class as well as disrespectful to the professor so please keep this in mind when entering the program.
  • When you arrive in the city please contact us ( to set up a meeting to get your class information and so that we can set up for you to meet with Tim Laun to get your studio assignment.  Studios are assigned to incoming students and are non negotialble, although we do our best to fit your needs as presented by your portfolio.
  • Please keep in mind that the Exchange Program is run from the 68th Street campus where the BA studios are found, however MFA and BFA studios are located at the MFA Building 205 Hudson Street.  
  • To gain access to all Hunter related resources you will need a student ID.  After your CUNYfirst account is set up by our office we will send you the details of your account.  With this infromation please go to the main visitor entrance at 68th Street letting them know you are there to get your student ID for the first time.  With this ID you will be able to get into the Met, MOMA, and the Whitney for free.
  • To sign in to the internet at 205 Hudson and 68th street you will need to use your NetID, this will be provided to you by our office.  If you did not receive this infromation prior to your arrival at your studio please contact
  • It is acceptable to arrive one month prior to the start date of your visa and for you to stay one month past the end date of your visa.  If you need an extension please contact Sarah Hollars ( to dissucuss the issue, it is possible.
  • If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact our office (212) 772-4995