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*Please Note MFA and MA students must complete the "Pre-Registration" process.  All graduate students are notified of their Pre-Registration appointment date and time during the semster prior.  If you have any qustions or concerns as an MA or MFA student about the process please contact Laura Frantz ( or Sarah Hollars ( respectively.

             How to Register

All newly accepted graduate degree students must submit a non-refundable, non-deferrable commitment deposit of $250 (USD) to reserve their space in the graduate program and register for courses. The commitment deposit is not a separate fee, and it will be credited towards the student's first semester tuition charges. Commitment deposits are due three weeks from the date on the official acceptance letter. Please note: It takes an average of five (5) business days from the date Commitment Deposit fees are processed in order to claim CUNYfirst accounts.


Registration is done only online via the CUNYfirst student system.You must claim your CUNYfirst account in order to obtain access to the CUNYfirst system. For step-by-step instructions on how to claim your CUNYfirst account, please visit the CUNYfirst section of the Hunter College website. Once you claim your account, write down both your CUNYfirst ID (EMPLID) and log-in information. You will need to know your EMPLID when seeing an advisor to obtain course approval/permission, etc.

Click here for step-by-step instructions on How To Register for Courses

*Please note: If you have previously attended a CUNY school, and used the CUNYfirst system, YOU DO NOT NEED TO CLAIM/CREATE another CUNYfirst account.


Schedule of Classes

The CURRENT schedule of classes is available on the One Stop For Students page > then click on the Schedule of Classes link (towards the left-hand side of the page- *Please use Mozilla Firefox as your internet browser)

Schedule of Classes can also be found at CUNYfirst -> HR/Campus Solutions-> Self Service-> Student Center-> Search for Classes


When Can I Register for Courses?

How to View Enrollment Appointment


Additional Registration Information

Registration Information, Cancellation and Enrollment Policy, Payment Calendar etc.


Academic Calendar

Current Academic Calender


Student Help Desk

Need help claiming your CUNYfirst account/registering for courses? You may stop by or contact the Student Help Desk at Hunter College



             How To Register Video

1. After you have logged into your CUNYfirst account, select HR/Campus Solutions on the left side Enterprise Menu

2. You will get a popup window with more options.
3. Click on Self Service
4. Click on Enrollment 
5. CLick on Enrollment: Add Classes
6. Select the semester you would like to register for
7. Click Continue

8. Now you will be able to find your courses:
        a. . If you are an first-semester freshman and you have a Class Number from the Learning Communities booklet, type it into Enter Class Nbr. and click Enter. The course will be added to your Shopping Cart, and you can skip to step 14.
        b. If you do not have a class number, click on Search. Then proceed to the next step. 

9. To search for a class:
        a. If you know the course subject, select it from the Course Subject dropdown menu
        b. If you know the course number, you can enter it in the Course Number field
        c. Choose your Course Career as either an Undergraduate, Graduate, or Doctoral

10. Click on Search

11. To add a class to your shopping cart, click on Select Class. To see important details for the class like how many seats are left or whether this class needs to be taken together with other components click on the link next to "Section" (upper left in the screenshot below)

12. (optional, but highly recommended: to find out more about this class) Click "Select Class"

a. Note: The number of available seats can be misleading. For some courses, the number of seats may be reserved (e.g. for transfer students who register later and may otherwise not find a sufficient number of classes with open seats); such "reserved seats" are included in the number of "available seats". So, you may have to get an "overtally" premission even if it seems that there are "available" seats. But go on, you will find out for sure at the end of the "add classes" process. 

b. Check whether this class needs to be taken together with other component, e.g, a lab section usually requires taking the basic lecture as well or in addition to a lecture you may have to register for a discussion section. If so, make sure to put all necessary components in your shopping cart before going to the last step of registration (step 3).

13. To confirm adding the class to your shopping cart, click Next

14. Click Proceed to Step 2 of 3 

15. Click Finish Enrolling on the next page to view the results page

Classes Taken Outside of Hunter:
You will see PERM classes in your "My Schedule/Student Center," however, all enrolling and dropping of classes has to be done through the ePermit link on the CUNY Portal. For information on taking classes on permit at other CUNY institutions, please view the following page:

Complications with Class Permissions
Currently, you do not receive any written notifications of the permission(s) a departmental advisor has entered for you (upon your request). We are working on a system modification, but this will take a while. So, be aware of the following if your attempt for register fails though you have requested and supposedly received a permission to register:

a. Inadvertenly, the departmental advisor may have entered the permission(s) for different section than the one you are trying to register for. When requesting permissions include the "class nbr" as well -- the 4 or 5 digit number usually shown in parentheses, e.g., Soc 20100-01 (12987). See also the screen shots in steps 11 and 12,

b. When a registration request fails, the system only states the first reason, e.g., you may be told that you have not taken a required class or that the class is closed. Even, if you have received a permission ("override", "overtally") your registration attempt may fail again because of another condition which is not met. So, when talking to departmental advisor make sure to discuss which additional permission you may need, so that these can be granted right away -- saving you from another failed registration attempt.